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Just so sad for my son

I’m just so sad for my son. He is 27 and has been sectioned twice. The first time was 2 years ago and the build upto that section was awful it took so long to get a home visit from his gp (2) years if not more, we knew something was seriously wrong obviously but had no experience with psychosis. He was firm set in his beliefs of being just like jesus because of how enlightened he was. Would of been a top rapper if it wasn’t for me and his sister. That me and his sister had ruined his chances of a relationship with a famous singer. That the masons and the illuminati were going to kill him because he knew too much and lots more. Anyway he was very angry with us when he got sectioned had to be dragged into ambulance etc some very upsetting times. Anyway he was sectioned in an nhs hospital for nearly 3 months and he had come along really well when he was released. Still not his real self but certainly legally he couldn’t still be under section. I was so happy to have him home we had all missed him so much.
Then after roughly 16 months he’s gone downhill again. The voices are really bad this time he has to wear earplugs. This time he got sectioned 4 hours away from his home and due to bed shortages had to go to a private clinic. They kept him for 2 weeks then discharged him, but he’s still so very ill he has to wear earplugs he has totally isolated himself he just sits alone in his room in pitch black and silence. He shuts all the windows and curtains throughout the house. We can’t touch him and he doesn’t want to talk about it. He’s not abusive at all. In fact he seems calm in a very strange way and i seem to be more upset by this. Who he was has totally gone. He has no friends and has never been in a serious relationship. I cry everyday. I miss who he was and grieve for how he is now. I have only just joined this forum and am probably just venting.

yes, sounds like a severe case to me and given the severity consider this:

Very important vid from my daughter, listen to all of it, day after ECT:

from this:

to this:


to this:

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@Gilmourgirl, I am so so very sorry, my heart hurts hearing your story. There are some similarities between your story and mine, when my 25 year old son was in such a dark place. Crying daily has become the norm for me. There really seems no way out when they’re like this, especially if they’re not physically or verbally abusive. Difficult to get them committed. I don’t have any answers, I’m not a professional, but just wanted you to know I know how badly you’re hurting, from one mother to another.

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It is so incredibly sad, for us and them. We grieve for the son we once had. But worse we are tormented with the fact they are suffering. There’s a heaviness in my heart that can’t be explained. Though I’m sure you get it. Have you gone to NAMI support meetings? They do help.

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Thankyou so much for replying to my venting. I know you get it. A mother to a mother. Xx

My son is 24 and about a year in on this whole thing. He’s not severe but had an episode that led to an informal diagnosis of SA. We’ve always been into natural stuff and so I sought natural remedies. I read a book called nutrient Power by Dr. Wahls and started him on neurofeedback. Now we are seeing a functional medical doctor who ran neurotransmitter tests, gastro tests and food sensitivity tests. He is tweaking his supplement regimen now and my son says he feels so much better and likes the path he’s on. He just started a part time job … first job in a couple of years. He has a girlfriend. He’s starting to show some interest in life again. We are by no means out of the woods but at least we can talk about what works and what doesn’t. He’ll still make mistakes and I have to be strong enough to let him. I don’t cry as much as I used to. I wish that for you too. I started with a high dose of high quality omega fish oil btw. There are many simple things you can try and your son may appreciate that you aren’t just trying to medicate the symptoms away. You will be trying to undo the damage to the brain.

My thoughts and well wishes go out to you and your family. It’s about all I can give for what’s going on in your life. I think initially we all come here to "vent’, find a way to release the hurt, the anger, and the frustration of dealing with the illness. As a caregiver and a parent for that person, I find it to be even more damaging to my psyche than if I were just a caregiver. We need to vent and to have a say about these situations that are beyond our control. It’s about the only way we can get any control. I don’t believe we can control our loved ones that are so very ill. I know I can’t. My son is 30 and has been very ill for over eight years and I haven’t seen any improvement even after protracted periods of confinement with the attendant medication protocols. Certainly, he gets even worse if he’s been incarcerated in a typical detention facility and not a secure psych ward. My son’s illness if different than what you’re experiencing as in my son’s case he gets very manic oftentimes in his psychosis which leads to violent behavior. So, if it helps, please vent all you need and, hopefully, one day, medical science will find a meaningful path to recovery for all SMI individuals. Until then, I’ll be so very sad for my son as well.

I do believe in other regimens. I just wish my son would agree to try some to it. I’m glad your son is doing better.

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May I ask what supplements your son is taking now?

I would not want to risk interactions between my sons medication and herbal supplements. It would make things more complicated and that is the last thing he needs. Also, so I don’t have to have difficult conversations about medications, I have made it very clear that conversations about meds are between him and his doctor and always redirect back to his doctor. My son feels that he is allergic to medications and his doctor allows him to take an antihistamine which eases his concerns. He does not have any extrapyramidal symptoms.

It would be good if he could access life skills again. Also, he was in a great program for young people in hospital and had a really good therapist who was a social worker.

@Gilmourgirl, welcome to the forum and just so you know you are not alone in your experiences. Your son is still at the beginning stages of the illness so dont give up hope. Treatment does work and the best you can do is to get him into a treatment program in your area. Taking the Nami family to family course will let you know what is on your area and give you much needed support. It is free of charge and even if you have to travel to take it, it will be worth it.

Hugs to you

I started off with high dose Omega fish oils, CBD oil, and SamE… a mood probiotic and then a brain probiotic. He’s been onboard with supplementation from the get go. We’ve added and taken away things. He is now on a supplement regiment that the neurofeedback doctor recommended. He also recently started a low dose lithium since he registered next to none in his body. He was scared, I think as most people are, of medication, antipsychotics, etc. So I took him to a neurofeedback guy who is into gut health and we ran a bunch of tests while doing neurofeedback and here we are 8 months later and I see improvement. Still a ways to go but back from the brink.