Keto Camp/retreat for healing

Dr Chris Palmer stresses the Keto or Carnivore diet for healing from Schitzofrenia. I am very interested, but It is almost impossible to get my 34 year old son to comply. The meds or the disease has damaged his brain. He speaks in word salad.

Is anyone aware of a camp or retreat that only serves "Keto Friendly " Meals. I would like him to live and eat this way with fellow schizophrenics and hopefully heal.

Are any parents interested in starting a camp or retreat with me?

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my partner has BPD( borderline personality disorder )eats this way keto/carnivore .
While it certainly hasn’t healed the MI it has helped the mood fluctuation.
Prior he did binge eat lots of sugar /over eating. though
Are you able to prepare this diet for your son at home .
My partner drinks the butter coffee ,homemade bone broth, usually a high fat red meat for lunch dinner.
My brother with schizoaffective disorder eats a ton of sugar /caffeine
I have noticed in the past himself to be more stable when he is maintaining a healthier diet not even keto but just 3 meals a day.
Unfortunately that goes by the wayside often

My son, Andy, loves sugary things. He can’t maintain a consistent keto diet. Any hope for healing escapes us.

So I am searching for a camp or commune that provides only keto foods. Maybe set up my own with other parents helping

Meg, I appreciate that you responded. Hope all goes well with your family

Thank you I hope the same for you, for all of us !
I think the concept is very interesting. I haven’t had a chance to read any articles or the research of how the diet affects schizophrenia yet but when I find time I’m going to.
It really truly is a popular concept the keto diet for many people so I can imagine more and more research will be done about this
Best Meg

I will
I would. 775 537 5491

That sounds good, if my son would agree to it, but he is too paranoid to do much.

Hi Irene
Thanks for reaching out.
It’s been frustrating but I still have hope.
I have been doing Dr Chris Palmers protocol. Keto diet with interesting results. Have you tried it with your son?


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I find this approach so interesting and promising. Science is beginning to understand that brain metabolism can be key to managing this disease, possibly even without meds. Most brains use sugar broken down from carbs as fuel, but those with some neurological disorders like epilepsy and SZ seem to function best when the primary energy source is ketones from fat. I just wish it were easier to apply the principles of this diet without needing medical supervision.

I don’t think medical community is going to endorse Dr Palmers keto therapy for 20 years. Too much money is at stake. Must be a grass roots movement.

I have been living on ketones for 2 1/2 years and I have never felt better. I eat a strict carnivore diet.

The diet is not complicated hamburger, fish, bacon, eggs chuck roast it’s simple

I have seen podcasts from Dr Palmer and I it really seems to help with SZ. The problem with my son is he was totally uninterested when I sent him a podcast from Dr Palmer and didn t even listen to it. My son eats a very processed food diet and sadly refuses to change it. He has no desire to help himself because , of course, he is not sick! Lol

Hi Irene

Sounds like my son. He is too slow mentally anymore to do it himself. That is why I am starting a camp where we can control the diet and have some companionship and activities to make it fun.

Do you feel like talking?