The Ketogenic Diet for Refractory Mental Illness: A Retrospective Analysis

All patients improved and nearly half had clinical remission.


My daughter and I are trying a ketone supplement mostly to lose weight. But the mental uplift is a real thing! Neither of us could do the keto diet. Not enough self discipline.

The findings of this study are impressive.

It is one of my dreams that I could isolate my brother in a clinical setting and “force” him to adhere to a diet like this so I could re-find the sibling I sort of lost so many years ago to schizophrenia. But, sigh, he lives in the world he has partially chosen and that is his freedom. I’ve hinted so hard with him on diet and tried to teach and adjust his eating but I back off when I start to feel like a jail keeper or something.

Thanks for sharing.

My son is eating carnivore… no vegetables… Living alone… only food in fridge is meat cheese lunch meat etc… no veges. Dr Shawn Baker reports many 100% healings with this diet… has success with all kinds of autoimmune disorders… MS, Chrones RA, Depression, etc.

Where does your brother live?

We’re in the States in the Midwest. Yes, food choices can really make a difference. I try to apply steady pressure in the right direction. Am a bit of a health watcher myself so I know the difference changing diets can make. Going for the big changes still with my sibling: less sugar, fewer energy drinks, less fast food. Plus better sleep, which I have observed lessens the desire for those crazy energy drinks. Wish they’d take that garbage off the shelves altogether…

We are in ohio… Cincinnati

Hello, neighbor. I live in Wisconsin, about two hours away from where my brother lives.

Hi Chiman,

I thought maybe if a good fit we could get the two together…
No plant based food in house.

Does your brother have skin issues… like psoriasis or exema or boils?


Thanks and maybe that is something to consider, but right now I think that it’s probably too far away for such a meetup. My brother is severely mentally ill and even small changes are tough for him.

He has no skin issues that I know of.

Have you found relief for your son’s skin on the keto diet?

Yes… excema cleared up… boils cleared up in 2 weeks… brain still dense

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