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Living with a schizophrenic mother


It’s gonna be quite long
I’m sorry if I waste your time
I’m 16 with my little brother,12
My dad passed away
My mom is schizophrenic
Her episodes are getting worse
She feels as if we’re her enemies
She doesn’t trust my little brother
My little brother is usually carefree but he got really hurt and started crying
This hurts so much,my heart is being ripped to a thousand pieces even as I type this
I can barely breathe
I want to die but I can’t
There would be no one for my little brother and mom if I’m not there
I want to protect the people I love
I want to protect my little brother and my mother
The mother who used to love us
Can I ever bring her back
Will she ever be cured
Reading stories of schizophrenia
I don’t want to leave my mom
I love her to death
But I don’t know what to do
I am hopeless

Please help


You can never waste time at this forum. You are welcome here anytime. I am so very sorry for what you are going through. It is a difficult for adults and even more so for children and teens. Is there another family member or a trusted adult at school, maybe a teacher or a counselor you can confide in? You need to talk to someone else in your life who is not ill but with whom you have a close bond with. Let them know everything you are feeling. Ask them for help and advice. Don’t give up. You can love her in spite of her illness but you can’t be her remedy. You and your brother need to be safe. She needs professional help. She can get better with professional help. Is there any other family member, a grandmother or aunt or cousin that you and your brother might be able to stay with until your mother can get help? Maybe other family members can urge her to go get help. If she becomes violent with you and your brother you will have to call 911. You are not to blame for any of this, this is not a blaming situation, it is a medical crisis that is not up to you to solve but you and you brother need to stay safe. Hopefully others here will have more advice that might help…My heart goes out to you…and your brother. Stay safe. Please don’t lose hope.


what you are going through is very hard for an Adult and you are still a minor.
Call NAMI in your area immediately or Mental heath counselor and tell them exactly the way you are feeling.
Catherine had given you good advise and tips. do not loose Hope!
Your Mother needs professional help and you cannot help her at the present time.
you and your little brother need support.

I am praying for you and your brother and your Mom.
May god send his angels to protect all of you.


Writing to express your struggles is a natural and wonderful way to get it out. Keep journaling and writing about your life with your mom and brother. Please reach out to an adult you trust so that you have support. Also, if you call the NAMI 1-800 number they will also help you. I’m sure at school you can also get support. Of course you love your mom very much, and she loves you too. It just may not be healthy or safe for you to be in the same environment as her if the episodes become unsafe. I’m so sorry your dad passed away. I would suggest serious grief counseling for you and your brother, and you may be able to get it for free from your school. This forum has been pretty supportive, so please feel like this is a safe place to share.
Stay strong!


Thank you so much for your advice
At the moment,everyone is busy so I’ll be staying with mom
Plus they won’t know how to look after her
Mom was diagnosed with sz from before I was born
She takes olimelt 10 and proline 2 as her medication


Thank you so much for your advice and prayers
Our area is quite underdeveloped so there isn’t any help available abundantly for mental sickness


Thank you so much for your advice
I’ve been writing journals
they help alot
I’ve been hopeless thinking no one would understand
I came upon this site
And this forum has been a blessing indeed


I agree with @Katherine about journaling, it can be a lifesaver. I grew up with both of my parents being mentally ill and also alcoholic as well as abusive. I filled many notebooks with my feelings, no holds barred. I think it saved me. Then once I graduated high school, I left home and looked for a good counselor. Not something a young person usually does right away but I knew what I had survived and I needed a healthy and unbiased point of view to proceed with my life. It helped me tremendously. I am 59 now -doing pretty well, and I still get counseling off and on.

Please feel welcomed here and share anything that you want. You are a very valuable and worthwhile person with a really big heart.

Another thing I was thinking about your mom is that if her doctor is not aware of her behaviors at home, either because she can’t talk about them honestly or openly with the doctor when she goes to appointments (that happens a lot with patients that are not totally stable) or because she doesn’t believe she has a problem to discuss with the doctor…then the doctor won’t know when or if her medications need to be adjusted for a better result. Maybe you can find out where her prescribing doctor is (office address) and mail him or her a letter explaining what kinds of behaviors you see at home, and the things she does that scare you. This will greatly help the doctor to decide how to adjust her meds or at least alert him or her that the meds she is on now aren’t quite doing there job at present. Take care. Stay in touch.


I’m so sorry for what you had to go through
Glad that you’re doing well now
I pray that you have a healthy long life without any sorrow hindering you.

Thank you,I will.

Mom hasn’t gone to a doctor for a long time
The last time she went was with my Uncle,about 4 or 5 years ago.So i don’t know the doctor but she still take the medication that the doctor prescribed that time. Our area is a place where the mentally sick are considered mad and facilities are not available.


Thank you for your kind words. Can ask what state you are in?


I’m from Manipur, India


Oh, I am very sorry there is such limited help for you there. I wish I had more resources to offer. I found this article online.


I’m so sorry to hear what you’re going through. I’m wondering whether you can speak to a teacher as well as your brother’s teacher about your situation and see if there’s is some kind of support available that they can find for you. Do you and your brother have a regular doctor as well? There’s a good chance that he/she can provide information to get the help you, your brother, and mother need. Other than the help that your mother needs, you most certainly need help and support as well. I’m glad writing in journals and finding this forum helps, and it helps me too (yes the feeling like your the only one is all too real, but we’re not). I wonder how your brother would feel about this forum, if he doesn’t know about it already. Perhaps you can share your entries together, or show him what you’ve written beforehand, see if there is something he would like to add, and then you could read your replies together. Or he could start his own if he wishes to try it out. I wish I knew what resources I could link you to that’s over where you are, but I don’t know much at the moment, I’m across the globe. I really hope your school (s) or doctor can help, as well as any advice given here. My heart goes out to you both, and I am thinking of you


It’s okay,she takes her medication regularly these days so there is no worry as of now
Thank you for your help :blush:


There is no teacher that I can contact right now
We don’t have a regular doctor but mom is taking her medications regularly so everything’s fine as of now.
Yes journaling and writing on this site has helped a lot.I didn’t let him know about this forum, let’s say I didn’t wanna appear weak before him.
But I’ll let him know eventually .
It’s okay, your kind words are more than enough
Thank you for your advice and may God be with you and your family😊


Asking for help and support is never a sign of weakness. It is in fact a sign of great strength. Stay safe and strong dear one and stay in touch.


Thank you
Have a great day
God bless


I have a son Whom is 42 years old very delusional, He disown me as his mother believe that patti Labelle is his mom. Has attacked me twice I love him so much. He is fine when he takes his medicine but most times he want. The sad part is because of his age and I are not his legal guardian the hospital want tell me any thing about him unless he sign a release. I have no money for the legal fees to persue being his guardian. Can some one give some advice how to get help. I understand how your brother might feel . I have been told that the one they are closer to is the one they latch out at .


That must be so frightening for you and your brother. I agree with the other replies who gave you good advice. Please talk to other adults for help and support, it is not your job to get your mom well, it is a very difficult situation. You and your brother need to be in a safe and healthy environment.
I wish you well and will be sending you prayers and good energy. Please take care.