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Been stuck with my schizophrenic brother since the day i was born

Hello everyone

i’v been trying to write my story with my brother but i cant seem to have the courage to do so , i’m 30 years old with a schizophrenic 3 years older brother . I have been struggling my whole life with him having a divided parents i was responsible for him since i knew life . I don’t even know how im not schizophrenic how i survived . I have so many questions and its so hard for me to write my experience and what i have been through without bursting into tears . i just need answers i don’t want to give up on him but i’m losing me .
I need help …

Hi , Take a deep breath , relax and know you have come on the right site . What questions would you like answered ?

read the forum, I believe in planning and execution, some will make it and many will not…

we know the basis of your story already…

The best thing you are doing now is reaching out for help! There ARE resources and there IS hope! Please read the posts on this Forum…keep in mind that many posts are hard to read…often they are written when we are at our very lowest. However, there are GREAT suggestions here also and success stories, as well.

To start with, I will point you to two things (1) Find a NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Family Support Group ( AND look at the many resources on their site. (2) Read the book “I’m Not Sick; I Don’t Need Help” by Dr. Xavier Amador. Here’s the author speaking at a TedTalk and here is the associated website where you can find more information

You are cared about!

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My dear, you are not your brother’s keeper. You are both adults and you did not bring him into this world. If your parents won’t take responsibility, sooner or later the state will. YOU have the right to a life. This is NOT your burden to bear. Move away, change your phone number. Change your name. Do whatever you have to to break out of this prison and don’t look back. No matter what you do or don’t do for him, he will still be schizophrenic and there is nothing you can do to change that. It is very sad, but it is out of your control. The only thing you can control is yourself. Don’t walk, RUN, to the nearest exit. Get a protective order if you have to. Whatever it takes. Save yourself before it’s too late.


There are success stories of persons with SZ, my son is one of them, who was formerly medication non-compliant. Also,