Living with one with the illness

My brother is allot better but he is OVER WEIGHT., also, he does not help around the house almost like he cant see the mess on the floor. How do I get him to TRY to work? He is over 350 lbs…Secondly are there programs for these people to try to get them functional again?

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**His meds probably have a LOT to do with his weight, plus his lack of motivation (part of the illness) doesn`t help.
He may need a med adjustment to help with that.
You can check with social services in your area-they might be able to help. **

Start out giving him small jobs like taking out the trash. Then try to work up to more involved jobs. You can’t do for your brother what he doesn’t want to do for himself. All you can do is suggest that he lose weight.

Yes, the meds my brother are on have made him gain weight. Probably around 30 lbs in 5 months. This is the only time I have seen him with weight like this. Ever.

Hello djm123, there are several resources available such as weight watchers, jenny craig, dance classes, et cetera. Should your brother be willing to see a primary care physician, he may recommend gastric bypass surgery if it has not been done already. Your brother has to have motivation and support. Try to be strong for him when you walk with him, whether a few steps or to the nearest sidewalk and back. Do not let yourself get angry or feel ashamed, let him know everyone feels sad and lonely sometimes. Ask how to lose weight to primary care doctor. They may recommend exercise and portions in meals. It does not happen from one day to the next. It does happen from one second to the next! Improvement I mean. Best of luck to you.

Crimby, excellent advice. If djm123’s brother is willing to try that is a sound idea.

When my son is not doing well he is like that. Mentally I don’t think he can see or pay attention to it if there is too much going on in his own head.

Perhaps do some research into ADHD as some of the basics of understanding or helping someone do things one thing at a time might help.