Weight gain and antipsychotics

Those whose loved ones are on teatment: how have they dealt with weight gain. My son is in Hadol, and getting frustrated with weight gain. I am afraid he will abandon treatment because of this.

My son is 36 and a paranoid schizophrenic on monthly injection of invega sustena and he’s improved a lot while on it. He’s no longer thinking he’s being followed. The weight gain while on it has been dreadful. He is working a full time job now, What can we do about controlling the weight? Another med?. He is up to about 400 lbs.Thanks,Pat in Olympia, WA 2022-03-21T07:00:00Z

My son takes metformin to deal with metabolic issues.

I think you need to be militant about whatever you can control. I.e. don’t buy any sweets and have them around the house. If you are doing the cooking, make good tasting, but low caloric meals and control portions.

Exercise is important. You might offer to take walks with your son.

That is a lot of weight gain. Metformin can help. But more importantly good nutrition and exercise. The research I have found online suggest that life style changes are as effective for people with sz as for non sz people. Get him out of the couch with walks, a gym, a personal trainer, meditation yoga, tennis or other sport classes, biking, hiking, joining a group, etc. Just don’t give up.

We’re on week 2 of 10mg of methylphenidate. Seems to help energy and appetite suppressant a little. Low dose so may increase since well tolerated. Still can’t get the former athletic stud to care about his body. It’s definitely the low energy but also his persistent delusions about the new world order taking over leading to his death n the near future. So ‘why work out’ if world ending?

Tried suggesting that if he’s in shape he can flee or fight the new world order better. But he said it wouldn’t help.

I’ll keep u all posted on the riddlin.

Hi, I think this is a metabolic issue. Is the doctor not concerned? My son was gaining quickly on olanzepine and ended up with high cholesterol within a few months. His doctor switched him to a different med because of it. I’m in Oly too.

To which med, if you do not mind sharing?