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Long lasting neg symptoms

My 19 year old son has had all of the negative symptoms for 5 years now, a couple minimal & a few severe. Do these ever go away?

Very high probability they will not.

I think it varies case by case. On some medicines, my daughter’s negative symptoms didn’t change. On her current shot, they are barely noticeable now after 8 months of medication. Right now, people who don’t know her history, would not know she is ill if they met her in a public place. It was very different a year ago.


Thank you! I’ve been starting to lose hope with the research I’ve found. I’m aware that different meds work differently in people but what shot works for your daughter? Jake’s only taken pills so far but the Dr mentioned the next thing she wanted to try was the Abilify shot. I’m in Dunedin by the way.

The only medication my daughter is on is a long acting injection of Haldol, what is referred to as the Dec shot. Her first one was during a Baker Act 2 years ago. After she came home she was so much better, I had no idea then that she was on a shot good for 4 weeks. She was also given pills, but she threw them away and of course didn’t keep up with the monthly treatment.

After another year of psychosis, I was near total hopelessness for her recovery.

Then in Dec 2018 she was put on a court order for meds and I told the doctor that “whatever shot she was on in 2017 worked really well” (as I had no access to her medical records). He put her on it again and she has been showing steady improvement since. We are neighbors, by the way. Nice to meet you.