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Experience with The shot

Does anyone here have experience with a qualifier taking theinvega shot? My son is on haldol now but has asked for a shot and I am interested in hearing about your collective experience…thank you

My son has taken Invega Sustenna monthly injection for past 4.5 years. Not sure what you mean by “qualifier.” For awhile, he took haldol, med for depression, and benztropine for side effects (tardive dyskinesia), but recently decided to stop the pills - against dr advice - but seems no worse for the wear. He’s agreeable to take the injection monthly.

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Does he talk about side effects? Y son agreed to go on the shot but with covid their was an issue getting him on a schedule

My daughter’s most successful medication is the Haldol Dec Shot. She’s been on it for 2 years now. She visits the clinic monthly (I take her monthly), waiting patiently outside since Covid started, going inside only when the nurse is ready for her.

Thank you for this feedback. Was it hard to find a place for the shot

Hello, my daughter gets a monthly injection for abilify to treat her sz and she says she would rather do that than take pills that she may forget to take ,(a fear of hers and ending back in the psych ward). What I have noticed is that she says she can feel the medicine “wearing off” and she gets some symptoms like hearing and seeing things. Also when she first gets the injection , she gets migraine type headache and is very tired for a few days.

My daughter was court ordered to a hospital from jail and from jail she was referred to Directions for Living for a psychiatrist and her shot. In our county, Directions is a pretty popular place for help with outpatient based mental illness therapy and medicines. I am very lucky that there are 3 hospitals and Directions for Living nearby where we live and that the police station was only 5 blocks away. Without their support, my daughter would still be lost in psychosis most likely. She has been successfully medicated now for 2 years after 5 prior forced hospitalizations and 2 arrests since March 2016 when she had to come to live with me.