Looking for advice new to all this


Hi Im looking for advice on how to deal with a close friends episodes. They mainly occur at night right before bed when he is starting to relax for the night. He is currently unmedicated but will be see the Dr in a couple of weeks. Im new to this illness and am becoming emotionally exhausted myself due to the anxiety that it causes him any advice would be greatly appreciated thank u


I too become connected to this forum a few days back…just explore for a few days and you’ll get the hang…also see that your friend gets medication as soon as possible…i myself was suffering from depression a few months back(my mom has paranoid sz)…my mom’s been taking medication since a month and she is much calmer than before…i too took meds for a few months and they helped me too…and most importantly hope for the best…


Thank u homer Im thinking of contacting his Dr to try to get him seen sooner but they already have him on the cancellation list so one can only hope its just a lil scary when Im not yet adjusted to it


Welcome to the site,
You are a wonderful person, helping your friend. Sounds like your friend is undiagnosed? It would be a good idea to start reading up on Mental Illness. People who may have some kind of MI can act out physically and may not intend to, but could be aggressive, so always be careful.
Have you spoken to any authorities or help hotlines about your friends condition? It would be good for you to talk to a NAMI person. Google NAMI to find a local outreach.
Take care annie


Good idea. He may be able to be seen in a walk in mental health facility if your community has one. Call the doc and get some advice. Good luck!


Would you like to write about the scary part? Most of us have dealt with a lot of scary, sometimes it helps to talk about the scary things.