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I'm tired!and don't know what to do

My 25 year old son lives at home. He has finally been diagnosed with schizophrenia/bipolar/depression/anxiety. We have known for a while that things were not right. None of the psychiatrists would listen. I am hoping that it is not too late for my son to feel better. He is now trying 4 meds and none of them are working. He is scary when in a psychotic episode. I live in fear every day. My husband and I have to work so we are not able to watch him constan and tly, which I honestly do not want to do anyway. My son in miserable with the thoughts that are in his head. The paranoia is off the charts. Its like we have to talk him off the cliff all day every day. Its exhausting. I would like to take a vacation, but can not trust him to be home alone for any length of time. I have holes in my walls, he no longer has a bedroom door cuz he smashed it. We have to sleep with our bedroom door locked at night. Will this ever get better? I don’t know what to do with him. Somehow he has managed to keep a part time job. Can he still get disability? I want to get him out of the house, but not onto the street. I’m so tired of being scared of him. We are in wpb Florida. How come there aren’t anymore long term housing for this?

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Welcome, I would suggest reading lots, on your sons diagnosis, become familiar with it, there are many ideas and suggestions on this site, lots of well informed people and lots of knowledge, your question has been asked many times on this form, I have asked it myself. Your starting a new journey with lots of peaks and valleys, find a good support group, I wish you and your son the best and hope you find peace and love and understanding and acceptance. Take care

Hi , you should look up Nami online as they are very helpful . I truly know how you feel . I couldn’t have my son living with me and it breaks my heart but the stress and fear was too much for me . My son lives in an apartment less than 10 min away . That way i can keep an eye on him . Nami has helped me tremendously and i dont stop educating myself on this horrific illness . Hang in there , One day at a time .