Looking for advice

Hello everyone!
I want to share my situation with you and hope for some advice. I am 39 with a wife and a kid. Have a 76-year old mother who lives alone.
After Covid-19, she’s been diagnosed with arthritis. We‘ve found the suitable treatment (which basically consists of painkillers), so she doesn’t experience as much pain as she used to. But now she is less active and fragile. She is still capable of taking care of herself but not to the fullest. I am constantly afraid that something bad may happen to her.
So how do I keep her safe? The problem is she doesn’t want to move in with us and I can’t be around as much as needed. For now I am looking for some digital solutions. Are there any useful apps or online services? Like health tracking or symptoms alert? Pill management is also a big problem for us. I’d appreciate some feedback or advice if you have a similar experience.

Hi @Daniil_Fursa and welcome to the site. I don’t know of any apps that can help, I’m sorry. However, I do have experience with people who won’t accept help for themselves medically. It seems like your mother still wants the responsibility for herself and won’t turn it over to you. In that case, there is not much you can do other than offer to be there. It is hard to watch. I had three years plus of trying to get help for my adult daughter when she didn’t want help. It is often the problem that someone needing help won’t accept it. Regarding schizophrenia, the term anosognosia applies. I think it is a broader problem (lack of recognition when someone needs help themselves) in general.