Tips for my Mom

Hi, I’m the caregiver for my mom who has schizophrenia and she’s unmedicated. She’s fine on medication, but she won’t leave home to see a doctor. We keep trying to get her to go to the MVA to get her ID because her driver’s license expired. She totaled 2 of my dad’s cars so she’s not allowed to drive anymore. She tries to run away from home sometimes. She leaves the stove on. Today she pooped in the bathtub because the toilet was clogged and my dad had to clean it up. Any advice? I joined this support group and the NAMI support group. Hoping for tips. I’m wondering if we can maybe try to do telehealth or get a home nurse to come check her. She also has hypertension, diabetes 2, and lupus. Please advise. Thanks.

I don’t know how severe her schizophrenia is, but if she has physical symptoms (like headaches or diabetes as you mentioned) you could tell her that you want her to see a doctor for these symptoms.


Praying for your mom and family. My mom recently took her life due to a mental illness. She was mis diagnosed with depression and anxiety over 30 ago and was healed after 4 years. It then came back last year.


Has she been checked for Dementia? When my Mom had dementia we had a doctor come visit her. She often left the stove on. My brother who has Schizophrenia was given a shot so he did not have to take oral meds. I hope all goes well. It is a tough job to be a caretaker. Please be sure to take time for yourself.

I am so sorry for your loss.

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Thank you so much. It was so difficult. God sustains me.

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