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Looking for some help!


I am a mom on a mission. My 19 year old son was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He has been on seroquel, risperidone, zyprexa and now just starting Latuda. He takes Adivan for anxiety. We have periods of no voices to periods of voices and he cannot handle them. I know in the past he has smoked pot and for him it takes the voices totally away and the anxiety. I’m curious to know how others handle these bad periods. What they need from their support system, what kind of meds are others on and their thoughts on them. I want to know how parents and loved ones cope as well. This is hell on me emotionally. I hate to watch my son suffer. I’m trying so hard to make this better for him. anything anyone can share with me would be greatly appreciated.


Hi There,
I have posted my story before, but jsut wanted to share with you. My husband had his first psychotic episode 3 months ago, and 2 hospitalisations as he had a relapse after leaving hospital from the first episode. On the 2nd episode his meds changed from depakote+quetiapine to respirodone+others. So far he has responded well, but only after a hellish week during which delusion/hallucinations got worse, I assume due to change in meds. While meds are not working, it is torture to see a loved one in such bad states, it feels like the world is finished, that nothing at all matters. It is totally devastating, I dont know how I will cope if he keeps having episodes, I have said if it happens again, I will not survive, but I think I will, I have to, for the kids.
Because we have children, as soon as an episode starts, he tends to be verbally abusive, he has to go to hospital as we dont feel safe. It has been emotionally draining and physically equally demanding.
I guess all I want to say is, Your are not alone, we are here to get support and support each other. Things will improve, always do.
Love, x


Thank you for sharing your story. I need to hear we are not alone. My son mostly cries. It breaks my heart. I feel like there has to be some kind of answer. Everyone tells me once you find the right med it will turn around. 4 meds later and some relief here and there just sucks. I hope and pray your husband finds what’s right for him. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.