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Loved one vomiting daily


My daughter with sz has been vomiting almost daily. We took vitamins out of her diet, thinking it may be from them, but she is still sick every morning. Is this common with sz? Could it be the abilify? Thank you.


My brother had problems similar to this.
He thought it was caused by medication for a long time. I’m sure the meds contributed to the problem, but they weren’t the cause.

He eventually went to a gastroenterologist who determined that he had ulcers and was over producing stomach acid. The vomiting and near constant heartburn caused damage to his esophagus.
He started a daily nexium dose to suppress stomach acid production, but that wasn’t enough on it’s own. He had to clean up his diet, eliminating fast food and also reducing fatty foods like bacon and similar.
It was a pretty big lifestyle change to overcome acid reflux and let his esophagus and stomach lining heal, but it only took a couple of weeks for him to start healing and stop vomiting.
Since then, he was switched off abilify to a different combination of meds. Which for him personally, seems to have helped overall. But for him personally, abilify wasn’t the cause of his problem, it was diet and lifestyle.


Thank you for the response. I will get her in to see a doctor. I kept thinking it was the meds, but it didn’t start happening until this past month and it is literally daily. I’m wondering if her stress and anxiety has led to ulcers. ):


My son vomited a lot on Seroquel so they put him back on Abilify and he feels much better now

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