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New diagnosis and vomiting

My 20 year old son was diagnosed with schitzophereniform a month ago. Since then he has been experiencing spontaneous vomiting. He does not feel it about to happen and he doesn’t feel sick to his stomach. He just vomits the entire contents of his stomach without warning. Anyone else have this experience? He is on invega sustenance.

My brother had this problem on and off for several years.
Gastroenterologist confirmed acid reflux which caused stomach ulcers, erroded esophagus lining.
Zantac (acid reflux medication) helped, but he only finally healed and recovered after cleaning up his diet (by eliminating fast food) and starting to exercise.
Only takes a few weeks mild, home cooked food that is low in fat and sugar to heal the damage. But for years, he thought it was due to his medication.

Not saying it’s impossible for medication to be the cause, but doing the basics is the only way to narrow it down to a direct cause.

I just saw your other thread about your son’s vision problems. Unlikely that the two sets of symptoms are related, but if a clean, healthy diet and regular exercise don’t make a dent in the vomiting problem, he might be having an allergic reaction to something.

Thank you so much. He has definitely been on the college student diet for a while. Hopefully we can help him with healthier choices now that he is living back at home.

It could be from the meds as my son vomited often on seroquel , you should speak to his doctor about it .

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