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LSD and Schizoprenia...cause and effect?

Not sure what to think at this moment. My family as a history of schizophrenia (personally had psychotic episode myself following Katrina but normal ? now) and son, who is 26, has just been admitted to ER following a “bad” trip. He is a wonderful, responsible, educated, never-hurt-a-fly kind of kid. However, his “trip” turned him into a raving lunatic. He became so violent he hurt his sister and roommate (would never ever do this outside of this drug). My son excels in all that he does. Very emotionally stable and well informed about psychological problems. Graduates in May with 3.9, no loans, worked through school, teaches acro yoga. Loves the world, smiles every moment of every day. Never mad or pessimistic. NOW…I am scared to death that he will be someone different.

He is still in the ER. Not aggressive anymore, but sedated. Knowing my son, he will never do this again. However, could this have altered his mental status permanently? Could it cause him to become schizophrenic, depressed, following this “bad” trip?

Oh my, I hate that anyone in my family has mental disorders. Society does not accept mental illness. This could change his life. I do know one thing, I “lost it” after Katrina. Became delusional, paranoid, well, all kinds of “crazy” things. But I haven’t taken any psycho active meds for awhile (> yr) and haven’t had any mood changes, thoughts of grander or been delusional. Actually to the contrary. I am a much more alert person today because of the experience, yet fearful it could happen again.

My son knows of my history but not the fact of my many other family members who suffer with schizo affective disorder or schizophrenia. I fear if I tell him it may become a self fullfilling prophecy of sorts. Not sure that made sense.

Basically, I am scared. My son is a blessing from above. They don’t make many like him. He will be an advocate or activist of some type. He seeks the betterment of mankind. I just don’t want to lose that in him :frowning:

Here’s an earlier post from Firemonkey:

I hope your son will be able to recover form this.
Alot of these diseases seem to be dormant until something very stressful comes along to trigger it.
People that have a predispositon for mental illness can be triggered by drugs, or a concussion, or stress ( my son had all 3 ). But you wont know for sure until he gets through this. He sounds like a wonderful kid-and Im sending good vibes your way.