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Maybe they don't hate me as much as i think they do


my partner has been telling her step mom and dad i’m having a rough time a little bit right now. their idea of a cure is yard work so they put me to work raking up last years leaves in the front yard and picking up trash. I did it, I was a little mad but I did it, took awhile since my back hurt and my anxiety was terrible so I took an ibprophen and Ativan.
the apartment isn’t perfect but he didn’t yell at me for that.

He and my mother in law gave me an almost new pair of shoes, he said they were too narrow for his feet and then gave me a pair of house shoes.


The things we do for love. Doing that occasionally might be okay, but I wouldn’t let them enlist me in the entire maintenance of their property, at least not without pay.


I do keep the whole property clean, I rake every fall, shovel every winter, pull weeds all summer long and pick up dog poop and trash all year long, Usually without a thank you. I think they come from the generation that if you are sick work through it .


How do you go from them ordering you around and making you do work when you don’t feel well and giving you a pair of shoes only because they don’t fit them to thinking now they hate you less.? I don’t see the connection.
Where’s the part of this post that tells us that they don’t hate you as much as you think.


I’m willing to help out around my parents’ house when I feel up to it. That doesn’t even mean I’m feeling good, but just that I feel up to it. I won’t play maid service if I’m feeling really crappy, though, because that will just build resentment in me, and therefore will start to effect who I am as a person. I don’t compromise who I am as a person for anybody.


I’m with nick here… Sorry @cbbrown sounds like they’re giving you a reward for your work. Don’t know about hating or loving.


Maybe if they knew how you felt about them, they’d hate you as you think they do. But they don’t, so don’t worry.


they just cheat on u.that’s all. that all ?

sometimes we need be smart to deal with people like this
u just cut ur hair
bald if u r angry.


Is there a plan for you and your partner to move out some time? I would love for you to have a light at the end of this tunnel! No offense meant at all, cause I’m really feeling for you, but these people are ignorant and mean. You’re often belittled by them and that’s such an unhealthy environment for you! I can’t judge the intricacies; I only ever see what I read here, but they are not nice to you and I hope you won’t be staying there long term.


i know i’m just confused is all, I guess. We have plans to move just as soon as my partner gets her driver license and a car but its been hard for her to save money when her step mom takes her shopping and has my partner pay for everything and always comes up with an excuse to not pay her back. I guess I just always hoped they don’t hate me.


Haters are going to hate.