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Medicaid for a non disabled


This is more for my partner, she has diabetes and doesn’t qualify for insurance and if she does she can afford it. I was told by my aunt that she might qualify for medicaid under the caretaker section of medicaid. But i’m unsure if she will be willing to qualify for that.


Medicaid is based on income and assets. The less (house, vehicles, boats, bank accounts, life insurance plans, burial plots, etc) assets you have, the better your odds of approval are. Medicaid doesn’t care if you’re disabled…it’s purely based on owned assets.


i’m trying to convince my partner to sign up for medicaid but last time she did they asked if she was disabled and told her that will help her get it.


Unless there’s some weird law in the state you live in, that is patently false. It’s designed SPECIFICALLY for people with little funds to have access to low-cost quality health care.


She’s going to try and get medicaid her blood sugar was incredibly high and she was put on metformin at the hospital. I’m hoping she qualifies, i know my dad got it and he hasn’t been declared disabled or get social security


From what I know, diabetes is classed as a disability is it not?


Not if its considered minor like my partner’s and she did her Medicaid interview and she doesn’t qualify.