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Anyone live in CA and get paid for being their LO’s caregiver?


I just read about this as a possibility. Wondering if it’s worth it to apply. :thinking:


It happens sometimes here where we live too, through Medicaid and some state funding.


Have you applied for it?


I have a BIL who gets paid through special funding to care for his autistic son. His son is not able to be alone at all. Once schooling opportunities aged out and his son could not work without being violent, this was their last option.


No, but my family member has a different treatment order in place. So, maybe someday if we need to, we will.

Two people I know have done this for years through Medicaid. I would try for it if we were in a different situation.


IHHS, if your loved one receives 100% medical, then the caregiver can get paid, that’s how I understand the process.
I help a friend who is recovering from a stroke, she has a share of cost medicare, which does not cover in home health services., even though her household is barely above the financial income.
Or maybe a private insurance may cover the cost.