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Medication question (seroquel and abilify)

I believe that my psychotic episode was caused by isolation, stress, and depression. I was taking Seroquel 5mg but I don’t think this psychotic episode was drug-induced. I have stopped taking Seroquel, and my doctor prescribed Abilify I am taking 10 mg of Abilify currently. When do you think my psychotic episode will end? My last episode lasted for three months. What medication treated your psychosis and how long did it take?

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Everyone is different that there are no two people that respond to medications the same way. Sometimes people have similar experiences but if you are on a medication and you remain psychotic for an extended time after you are on it then you have to go back to the doctor and let them know so additional changes can be made. In my experience most doctors expect to see some notable relief of psychotic symptoms as soon as the drug reaches a therapeutic level in your system. Sometimes it takes several different trials of different medications to find the right one that works the best.

My sz son tried many medications over the course of a couple of years including seroquel and abilify (both of which did very little for him at the time) and finally he was prescribed clozapine. After about 6 to 12 months on the clozapine most of his psychotic symptoms were greatly reduced or gone. However clozapine is a very slow acting drug that takes time to reach its full efficacy, it is often called the ‘last resort’ medication and requires monthly blood draws to check white blood cell counts. My son has done well on it for a very long time now. His diagnosis is Disorganized Schizophrenia.

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Thank you for your reply! I should be more patient in regard to my medication. It’s just I have college, so it is causing things to worsen. But you’re right and I will hang in there until they find the correct medication.

That’s a long time that your son had to wait to find the right medication. Thank you I appreciate it!
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