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Past addictions

Hey all, things from the delusional side are looking up. The doctor took my mom off the anti psychotic meds she was on a few months ago and so far so good we havent noticed anything weird. although this seems great my mom has to have another surgery, this is around the 18th surgery shes had and everytime she gets hooked on the pain meds… shes still on a dose of the pain meds from her foot surgery that she had two years ago, her surgery is this friday. friends i dont know how well im going to take it, im already constantly serving to her every need and on top of this my dad is working 16 hour days because hes about to lose his job so that doesnt help. thanks for the support.


I am very glad things are looking up for you and your family. It is too bad about the next surgery, I understand how this prompts being stuck on pain meds. How is your school going? And your job? You are so tough to be able to handle this at your age.

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its just scary knowing that she could get on the meds again, that was not a good time in life. school is going okay just really ready to be done i guess, only a few more months! job is going well nothing super great. thanks for the kind words.

Of course, I could have only kind words to say to you. I think you are very smart, capable and brave to be able to care for your mom and still work and go to school. I am old enough to be your grandmother, and I can certainly recognize the troubles you face as a young person with an ill mother. I have personal experience with a schizophrenic daughter and an alcoholic husband with an addictive personality. Every time he had surgery during our marriage, it was awful the effect of the pain killers… He was prescribed them, but coming off of them prompted much heavy drinking and searches for illegal drugs on his part. He is not mentally stable, and the pain killers don’t help that problem. I understand what surgery and pain meds might do to your mother when she is already struggling with her own mental issues. I hope it goes well for her, and for you. I really hope you stay in high school till you graduate and keep working.

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