My 5 year old daughter

hello i was just wonderng what symptoms did your child have to start the process with diagnosng. My baby hears voces tellng her if she wants to play and that they are gong to kill her. it breaks my heart, specially when she asks me why this is happening to her? i have an appontment with her pediatrician this week.

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When my son was 5 he asked me if I hear this voice…so I was wonderimg
.then I dudnt hear again till he was 12…he saw a advanced looking devil character online…he f ot excited and came to get me to show me this…and said “mom thrae are what ive been sewing in the yard sin e i was 3. He saud they put theit fingers over their mouths to say shhh, like dont let your mom know theyre here…”
We went ro christian church and got prayer…he seemed fine…til.a va ine, and then got tourettes…then 2 yrs later started being depressed and having psychosis…sometimes i still feel like its a devil who took him over…

I’m so sorry to hear that. My daughter doesn’t see things only hears things. I remember her telling me a couple times but I brushed it off like it was a dream. But now that she is older she is able to explain more clear

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@lupita79 , Is there a reason you are asking questions on the neurodiverse/scz forum? Any sort of family history that has you concerned?

The good news is that neurodiverse/scz is rare in young children. Your pediatrician is the place to start with any concerns and you already have that in place.

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My eldest daughter started hearing voices when she was 10 or so. At first I thought it was just the neighbour talking, then when the voices spoke to her when she was cycling did I realise she has schizophrenia. My youngest daughter around 7 or so told me she saw the little green man on the lights of the pedestrian crossing jumping off. Later around 11 or 12, she had anxiety and depression and as time passed, she learnt how to see things in a different perspective and got better. What I wanted to say is we never know how things will turn out and the psychologist in my youngest daughter’s case said a child’s brain is still developing and things can change. With love and care, I believe things will only get better for you and your child.

I would rule out any physical causes first before assuming it’s a mental health issue.


My heart goes out to you. I can’t imagine having a 5 year old going through that ugly experience for everyone concerned. Unfortunately it happens; many years ago I read the story of this gifted author Danielle Steel’s son that started a journey of manic depression at 3 practically, he wasn’t diagnosed at that time but it was scary, according to her account, seeing him do things out of the ordinary.
You are on the right track by taking your child to the doctor, I see a positive in here because since she’s only 5 years old she is telling you without hesitation what she experiences.
May God direct you to light your thoughts and direct your path to do what’s necessary for your precious child.

Hugs and prayers.

Be sure to let her know that if the voices wanted to kill her, they would need a body. And if they really wanted to kill her, they would have already done it. Maybe she can rest easier that way. Idle hands give the Devil a door! I hope she stays interactive with people, real people, so that real voices in person are the important ones.