My brother doesn't believe has schizophrenia. How can I help him understand?


cloklp, you know that feeling you when someones sketchy or about to steal from you? like maybe someone enters the room and they just dont seem right? schizophrenics get the feelings for nonsuspicious people, and thats why its hard for us to have insight because were speaking the same mind language you are, ours is just shifted to the left or something


**Hi Cloklo~
Sounds like he does trust you. But you will not be able to talk him out of his thoughts. They are real to him. You`re parents are divorced? Is either one of them helping-or know what is going on? If not, i would certaintly tell them. You are not there a lot, and he is going to need a lot of help.
He needs a doctor, the right medications, support, etc…
You cannot do this alone. Your whole family should be involved ( if possible-do not know your situation ).
You can check online for resources, Also check this forum-tons of information here. Is there a local NAMI support group in your area?
You are not alone and it is a helpless feeling trying to deal with this yourself. There is no cure at the moment, but there are medications that can help.
Good luck! *


Hi Bridget, thank you for your words. My family knows what is going on. My mom is leaving in another country, and my father is very depressed because of this situation. Also, my brother doesn’t trust him, and blames him of comploting. I was supposed to go with him to the doctor today, but he changed his mind. We had an argument in the car and he asked me to come back home. Now we don’t talk. I will leave him alone, and call him tomorrow. Is very hard, I am looking for help everywhere. We live in Europe-Romania. I found another doctor in my city, and hoping he will accept to see him in the next days. :frowning: in Romaia the mental care is not same like in the occident. Poor :frowning: I wish I can do more. I wish I can find somebody to help him, and cure him.


You don’t have to make him understand. He will realize it one day and ask for your help.


So sorry Clok~~
Here, it is very hard to get help, I can`t imagine how it is where you live! keep trying–someone will come along at the right time. I am wishing you and your family well


I’m sorry it didn’t go better today. You are doing great in a very difficult situation. Just keep doing what you’re doing, learning and trying. You’re brother is lucky to have you. You obviously really love him.


I did the same back in the day.

I tried to learn who did it and why, as it turned out it was only sociopathy that was the cause, a freezing wasteland is sociopathy, they can stare at spilled blood and screaming kids without a sound or feeling.

Your brother doesn’t know who but he is right im afraid. He’s right, someone is doing it to him, want to help him then try and help him but you should know it really was someone.

They can do things to us, on the inside. And from our perspective it is entirely obvious that they are in there while it is happening. Want to help your bro then look into it and learn what can happen.

they can make you delusional, make you see thing, hear things, taste, feel, it’s all in the brain really and you name it they can do it.

Your brother is on to something and it sounds like he is being harmed and you should really know it’s not a disease but that there is something, or someone, wrong in his brain.


Hi Coklo - I’m Romanian too (originally) so I know that the services there are nowhere near ideal. It’s hard enough dealing with these things in Australia, where there’s a mental health service in every suburb or just about. I sympathise.

Problem is - this is not something you can deal with without professional intervention. If he’s abusing drugs, the first step should be to try to get him off whatever it is he’s taking - drugs can either induce psychosis or make existing symptoms much worse.

If there any way you could get a psychiatrist to visit him at his home? I know putting him in a hospital over there can do more harm that good…I’m from Constanta and I remember visiting my Aunt, who had cancer…and she was basically lying in her own urine and hadn’t been given food for over 24 hours. I took her to a private clinic straight away, not realising the public system could be so bad.

Can you afford private?

My ex used to have bad weeks and good weeks - in the ‘good’ weeks, he saw things a bit more clearly and that’s when I could step in and get him the treatment he needed. On his ‘bad’ weeks/months - that was literally impossible. So, it might be a waiting game.


Hi Luisa…i can try and see if the local psychiatric doctor will accept visits at my brother house. I am afraid he will not…these doctors here are so careless …maybe if I place a nice amount of money on the table he will accept. I will see. Tuesday I have an appointment with the doctor. I am not sure if he still takes any drugs. I hope not, but I am not sure as my brother live alone. Thanks for your words.,…I am still looking into what else I can do


Yes, I love him very much… We have our special bond, but is so hard to communicate lately :frowning:


I wish I had some answers for you…I can only sympathize as my 28 year old son believes something traumatic happened to him also and believes he has all kids of physical problems because of “it”. He believes things that are not true succh as believing that an ex-boss is a seriel killer for one of the major unsolved crime… he says that he “witnessed” something and that the guy should be arrested… even called and harrassed him and he’s a police officer!.. He believes that we are all plotting against him and also thinks his dad is involved… I am at the end of my rope…he does NOT believe he has a problem… its everyone else and he will NEVER take meds… I feel fortunate only for the fact that he recently got a job… pays attention to hygiene and is responsible in other areas but a chain smoker… pot-head and delusional!.. I think there should be better laws in place to enforce meds…thats how I am feeling tonite anyway after having had words with him!!!.. sorry I am not any help but needed to vent