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My dad has schizophrenia

I’m seeking help for my dad. He used to go to the therapist about year ago and he was medicated. then out of nowhere he’s came home said the therapist wouldn’t see him anymore so he had 3 refills left from his doctor and you use them all up so after that we don’t know what to do I tried sending him back to the therapist but they said that he had to start the process all over again and then they said that his insurance didn’t take they didn’t take him because of his insurance my mom says that is all started about a fe a few months after I was born I am 21 now she says that she’s never seen him bad as the first time this happened before you got medicated now I try and try to get him to go to the doctor but he said there’s nothing wrong with him.i see him byhimself he’s always talking to himself laughing and anytime that’s possible he tries to talk about it believes which made many people to his crazy cuz of it I love my dad he’s always been there always support and no matter what you always give us anything that we needed we never had anything missing from our life honestly and I think he might lose his job soon cuz he keeps getting worse and worse and my moms getting tired of it I feel for my mom she’s been with him for over 30 years put up with this for 20 years I don’t know she does it but if you guys know any programs that will accept him so he could get help please help out we live in California in the KernCounty I know this might upset some of you guy but his an illegal but he really needs help

The Kern County Department of Public Health offers a variety of community clinics on a monthly basis to assist all County residents in ensuring good health and promoting wellness. Fees vary for each clinic, and most clinics accept Medi-Cal, Family Pact or sliding scale payments.

Services are available at the Bakersfield office, 1800 Mt. Vernon Avenue, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Walk-in spaces are available or for an appointment call 321-3000.

Legal or illegal immigrant doesn’t matter. They hablan espanol. And there’s probably a satellite clinic near you.

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Thank you very much for this information. I just talked to my dad about going, but he says there’s nothing wrong him so his not going or taking any medication.

Where is your mom in all this? You shouldn’t have to do that all by yourself. Make sure you take good care of yourself. You are more susceptible to getting the illness as well, and people can have onset way into their twenties or later.

You sound like this is new to you so forgive me if I’m telling you stuff you already know. The denying he’s sick thing is called lack of insight. It’s a symptom of the disease. You can try saying something like this, in a very calm and matter of fact way, I understand you believe that there is nothing wrong, but I’ve observed some things that are concerning to me. If he asked you what that is, then just state what you’ve observed, Well, I’ve seen you laughing and talking to people when no one was there. You can try that and see if it helps any.

I like what sacred had to say. It’s crucial that you take care of yourself. If you don’t, you won’t be able to take care of anyone else… or yourself.

While I have been severely mentally ill myself, and very dependent on others, I also understand that those who deny their mental illness can be plain toxic to those who try to care for them.

We need to practice “compassionate boundary setting” with them. And the capacity to do so comes from learning how to observe without judgment, recognize without labeling, and accept without conditions.

Please take care of yourself. Don’t carry this burden all by yourself. Involve your mother too. Maybe he will listen to her? If he has sleeping problems, that could be a way to get him to the doctor. Sleeping problems are obvious, even when psychotic, you can when someone points at it notice it yourself. I stop sleeping completely when I go psychotic.

Don’t forget that you are the kid in this. Take care of your mental health or you will crasch too. Make time to do stuff you like. Meet friends. Try not to think about your father all the time. You need the mental break to have some fun.