My sister got possessed by a jinn i dont know what to do?

Hi guys, my sister got possessed and i believe we can get this demon off her body with god and a medium but we went to the hospital to make sure if everything was good they said everything is good but she have similar symptome to Depersonalization/derealization disorder and we dont trust the hospital we dont want people to give my sister meds she don’t special need and create other disorders. She already took risperdal to help her sleep they said but i dont trust what they are giving her whats should we do if we dont want our sister to be definitely schizophrenia? Whats naturall meds can possibly helps her.

Welcome to the site @Alexisterrell and I am sorry your sister is not doing well.

Natural means did not help my daughter when she started hearing the voices of out-of-body people who lived in different parts of the US. She suffered for over 3 years before we found the correct medicine for her and she stayed on it.

One member here had success with homeopathy. Click on the blue link below to read her info:

Good luck.


Depersonalizaton-Derealization disorder is not the same as psychosis or schizophrenia. Often those suffering from it can be helped by talk therapy. The medications are usually given to help with the side effects of the disorder - like anxiety or trouble sleeping.