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My son is doing great!


I just wanted to share that 6 years into his schizophrenia illness, my son (now 22) is doing amazingly well. I want to visit here and give a hopeful message to other family members. I remember in those dark days when he was early in his illness, I used to read posts on this forum but found it so depressing that I had to stop. If you are a family member reading this, know that it is not all dark and hopeless!

My son has been consistently taking meds, finished high school, taking classes at community college, and driving for Uber ( what a great job for someone who has trouble getting a job!) He has friends! He still lives at home and depends on us a lot, and he has some difficult times and still has some symptoms. But he seems to be content with his life and we enjoy being together as a family.

I just want people to know that many people do get better, much better.

Take care, my heart is with all of you who are on this journey!


I am so happy for you! I hope things just go up and up from here. I know it is possible for people to live full and content lives. it sounds like your son is well on his way,


I am so happy for you. I am happy when my son has a good day. I just take one day at a time. I have dreams of my son one day getting a job and a girlfriend and being able to care for himself.

But it is great that your boy is doing good.


Thanks,i am glad he is living such a good life,hope the rest of us here do also


What meds does he take and what dosage?:smile:


Thank you for posting! I pray this will happen for my son****


Not the entire solution, but a major factor.


yeah my 50 yrold stepson too. NO SHRINKS!!! doing the orthomolecular vitamin thing for several yrs now. pretty sure it is helping. he stays busy doing yard work around the neighborhood
and everybody seems to really like him. the "other"world is always there/ but its not too bad to deal with. the key word i think is STRESS try to avoid at all costs. that will cause him to react badly/
then I’m the one who needs meds being the 24=7 caretaker for many years now.
continued good luck to you