My son quit meds


Talk wiyh a mrntak health advocate. Its very hard to get and takes a long time. He must have copies of grest medical records and Not doing any drugs. My grandson was denied even though he had been hospitalized on many occassions due to his drug taking. I must say his last hospitalization they started him on Clozapine and his life changed. He is now drug free and working fulltime and making friends it has been a remarkable turn around this all took time like over 3 years but so worth it. There is hope good luck


how long you have Invega-sustema now.
My son started on Invega-sustena on April 2018. the first month took the first shot and booster shot. 2nd/month he was put on 156mg and thrid month was put on 234mg. his doctor told that his liver Enzymes get elevaled with 234mg. I was concerned and ask her to drop the dose to 117mg. and he was taking 117mg for almost 4 months and he is getting worse now and delusional.
I just requested from the facility to put him back on 156mg.

do you recall if you were still delusional on 156mg?
the that my son is non-complaint on oral meds.
let me ask a question: did your switch for 156mg from 234mg without blood test?
did you get better immediately on 234mg?

Hope everything is well with you.


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i had some grammatical errors
here are my questions
did your switch from 156mg to 234mg without blood test?
did you get better immediately on 234mg?
are you taking another medicine with invega-sustena shot like Mood stabilizer(lithium, depokate)?


I was on 156 and went to 2e4 without a blood test. Never heard of elevated liver levels and my doctors always keep tabs on everything. I was symptomatic on 156. 234 cleared up everything in a few days.


Thanks for reply.
How long were you on 156mg before you switched to 234mg?
did you notice any elevated ASTs level in your last blood Test?
do you take any other medicine?

I am confused. His doctor in the hospital 4 months ago told me his liver enzymes were high and made me worried. this is why we switched to 117mg.
but now the Director of Nursing in the rehabilitation facility shared emailed me this:
“the Invega Sustenna injection is highly unlikely to cause any apparent liver injury, but it is linked to slightly elevating the AST levels. There has not been any reported cases of acute liver failure, chronic hepatitis, nor any effects on the bile ducts due to this medication”
She said also that the diet will help with his liver.



First off, I’m not a doctor so I can’t answer medical questions and I won’t try. I can only answer with my experience.

As before, I haven’t had a blood test for liver function or levels.

I’m not comfortable going into all of my meds.

I was on Invega 156 for 3 months before changing. I progressively got worse until we raised the dose to 234. It works for me. I can’t say if it would help anyone else based off my experience.


thanks for your input.
I think you provided a fair response.
I know everyone reacts differently to same medicine.