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My son went on a road trip and now is not answering his phone

A week ago my son left saying he was going to a city nearby. He has often gone on weekend trips and come back with no problem. I have not spoken to him since June 7th. There is no activity on his debit/credit cards since Saturday.
He is psz and the manic episodes have been longer in duration.
I am afraid for him. I have notified the police in the city he was last in. They were very helpful in taking the information.
I don’t know if I have lost him or not. He is 29 years old. Above average IQ. Very tech savvy. His phone goes to voicemail every time I try.

I will be sending positive thoughts and prayers!

Have you called the hospitals in that city? Found out where they’d take someone who needed psych care? Are there shelters there that you could contact?

You must be sick with worry. I hope you get news soon.

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I’m so sorry. I know I get a sick feeling when my son won’t answer my texts or calls. Is there any way that you can track his phone? Or maybe he lost it, and hasn’t considered how the lack of contact would worry you. I really hope that he’s OK, and you get good news soon.

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These are the scariest times - can you go look for him, do you know where he was going?

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Hi doc503pir,

My husband, also very tech savvy, has completely lost touch with me (more times than I can count) for several days at a time. When he finally resurfaces, he acts like it was no big deal and criticizes me for worrying so much. The reasons have been varying, but I remember once he just didn’t have anywhere to charge his phone. Another time his phone broke and it took him a few days to replace it.

I am hoping that if your son was in a hospital or was in any kind of trouble, he would contact you first. Keep us updated! :two_hearts:

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He called me today using an app on his IPad. He claims he lost the SIM card out of his phone. I still worry. He didn’t like me contacting the police. He hasn’t committed to coming home.
Thank all of you for your well wishes, prayers and kind words. You all know what we are going through.


I am so glad you heard from him! I hope he stays in touch and decides to come back before too long.

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If you have access to his phone plan you can see if he is making phone calls (and investigate the phone numbers) and verify if he is using data. Advice for future when he is in the right frame of mind, see if he will use a GPS tracking ap (you use it, too) like Find My Friends. Has he ever been a danger to himself or others?

He came home yesterday and was still very manic. He was planning to leave again and we consulted with our lawyer, the police and planned a 96 hour hold event starting at our house.
We live in a small town and the police force know of our son. They came and put him in cuffs for his safety and transported him 30 miles to the hospital with a psych facility. We are in the ER now where he has had his evaluation.
He will be held the 96 hours, be re-evaluated and can be held for 21 days. We will seek a court order to keep him until he is med compliant or settled out.
Thanks again for your thoughts. This is a painful relief if that makes sense.


I’m glad you found him.
I hope the hospitalization stabilized him.
Poor mom! So much worry!:rose:

I pray your son was found safe and sound. If you have not done so, ask the authorities to put out a missing person alert on your son. Explain that he is a vulnerable adult do to his mental illness. If he has had any prior suicide attempts, be sure to let them know. I have lived this terror with my son and I am praying for you and for him. Please come on and update us. You are in my prayers. I am going in my prayer closet RIGHT NOW to pray that God sends his angels to locate him if he has not yet been found.

I just now saw that he has been found. PRAISE GOD!! I hope he remains compliant with his medical plan, including any meds. So glad he is safe and sound!!