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Son having psychotic break, what to do!


My son has been on the verge of a breakdown over the last few days and I’m so scared! He won’t see me at all! But when he talks on the phone to me he sounds unlike himself! I can hear 3 different voices, like he is switching rapidly between his personality! I’ve asked my husband to leave bc he is the main focus on my sons rage as well as my father… I’m thinking maybe with him gone that my son won’t be faced with his main trigger and could make it through till his dr appt Friday! Please pray for us!


I will pray now for all involved. It is so stressful to be on the middle also. I know how that feels too. I know when my son pulls back there is a reason for me to stay away. Sometimes delusions can convince them we are demons and they no longer see has a their living Mom. I don’t mean to tell you something you already know, just be safe. Ask if there is a CIT officer if it comes to having to call police or have one meet you at the hospital. I’ll be praying


Thank you for the advice and mentioning the CIT police officer. I couldn’t remember their name. Very much appreciate the prayers!


Hi Sheyelo, Some counties have a mental health crisis line (ours is through the department of health and welfare) and social workers to talk to 24/7. I would call them and describe what is happening, get their advice.

Where we live, they can come to the house alone or bring CIT police to get people to the hospital involuntarily.

There is a chance your local NAMI chapter might be able to point you to some crisis resources in your area.

Obviously, danger to self or others requires intervention.


It must be the moon. After doing so well and on meds, my son had a really bad morning! He said he wasn’t taking meds and threatened me. I had an iron skillet in my hand because I was getting ready to cook some eggs for our breakfast. He came at me and I raised it in defense telling him if he touched me he would go to jail and I was not going to be abused in my own home. He’s angry because I gave him his medicine and he said he could tell last night. I got out of the house fast, then called an hour later and his dad said he was calmer and apologized. Basically, he wanted all his SSI in money form. He has been on the internet again I suspect. I hate this disease but am glad he was able to stop. A day at a time.


I normally take my son to the hospital and if he wants to leave I call them. The last one he talked with got him to admit himself. They met me at the hospital. Perhaps someone else could call for you as you took him in. We live in a rural area and calling police makes me too nervous. We never know what can happen when they are psychotic.


My son is not willing to let me take him to hospital and is very suspicious of that kinda thing. And the problem is doubled by the fact that my husband doesn’t want him around or wants to help him. He says and does things to my son both in front of me and behind my back. My husband hasn’t and doesn’t want to understand sz and bpd. I’ve begged him to go to counseling with me but he want. Because of his lack of knowledge, or should I say his lack of wanting to help instead of make matters worse, has caused a divide between us! He knew my son had a disability when we got married but thought he was faking and would soon move out. Here it is 15 yrs later and my son hasn’t changed and unfortunately neither has my husband! This divide grows daily. And now that my son has started having this break I recognize the danger my husband is in. When he is not around me and my son laugh and enjoy each other’s company. Dr said he would probably need me for the rest of his life. So to lighten the burden on all of us I think I need to come to the realization that my husband isn’t going to change and neither is my son. So I chose my son!! Is that bad of me?


I totally understand. My husband went to a few classes but it was too hard. There for awhile he resented that I was always researching the illness. I simply quit sharing with him. I hope I never have to make a choice. He is our son and I can’t turn him out.


Don’t worry about the long term. I hope your husband is across town and not adding to son’s stress.

I hope your son gets through this crisis safely.

Perhaps explain to your son that if he goes to the hospital voluntarily he will be able to talk to the doctor and social worker to see if they can find ways to lower your son’s stress and distress, ways that work for him.

I really don’t know. You can call the local hospital with ER; they have a social worker on staff. Try to get to talk with that social worker, describe what is happening, find out what to do, how to help your son.

If your son winds up involuntarily committed, it’s really traumatic for him and you, but much better than some of the other possible outcomes of crisis and it could lead to treatment.


Unfortunately my son lives right beside us and my husband is constantly pushing his buttons, or as I put it…poking the bear!! And I fear that if my husband doesn’t stop that one day my son will snap!! And my husband seems hellbent on causing stress whenever he can! :slightly_frowning_face:


From my experience it is part of our role to keep peace and protect our children from bullies. I’m sorry that your husband doesn’t see that. We each deserve a safe haven when we come home. It’s best if every one is on the same page but it is slow getting there for some people. Hang in there.


Today is the doctor visit, right?

Did you get there? How did it go?


It’s completely understandable that you would choose your son over your husband, If he was the bio father he would probably want to learn about this disease and do everything humanly possible to keep his son safe. This is such a cruel disease.


Agreed! But even his bio father doesn’t believe in the disease! So I’m the only one on his side with the exception of his sister, my daughter who is 1 yr and 6 mths younger than him and a lpn. She and my two wonderful grandsons are here visiting for the week and that helps me! She lives 6 hrs away. When they leave Friday I’m not sure how I will hold up! I’m so thankful for this forum! At least I feel understood here!!


Sorry took so long to respond. Yes we made it to dr but nothing changed there. Just gave him refills asked him to get back on shot, which he refused, and that was it. Now he has gotten worse! Hearing voices, talking to people who aren’t there, and splitting. My husband has gone so that’s good but I feel like I should be doing more!!


Is there a mental health crisis line you can call? Social worker at local ER? I feel like your family is going through so much, it would be really good to get professional input about your son’s medical needs and also they would be able to tell you what options there are for his treatment.

Did his doctor give you a crisis phone number? Does their practice have someone on call?

I am a layperson like you. I don’t know what you should be doing. In these circumstances, I would try to find local, professional resources and see what their recommendations are. I googled “mental health crisis line [my city, my state]” and found phone numbers I could call 24/7 if needed.

Best to you and your son.


I’m sorry about the bio dad but glad you have a supportive daughter and grandchildren.


Thank you so much for the advice! I found some numbers I can call if/when needed! It so hard to think clearly when you in the middle of the storm!!