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MyHealios Caregiver Skills Training


MyHealios is a great family/caregiver skills training program. I had been looking for someone to help give me skills to help my son after he became ill with schizoaffective disorder. There was nothing! Nami’s Family to Family helped a lot, but wasn’t the specific training I needed and wanted. I took the MyHealios class last year and things have improved immensely between my son and me. I highly recommend this program to all caregivers of people with serious mental illnesses. Please check out the website:


Wish I could afford something like this.
We don`t have enough doctors in our area!


I will show my mother this. She knows how to deal with my dad and I am learning how…but there are some things we don’t know how to handle. Thanks for sharing!


I am not finding anything on the website revealing the cost, only the mention of the possibility of using insurance to pay for it - so it must be pricey!


The cost varies, depending on which program you choose. There is also a sliding fee scale to make it more affordable. You can email (at) for more specific info.

I went through the program, and have to say it was worth every penny! It’s the piece that’s missing from the system of mental healthcare because it empowers the caregivers. I am able to communicate better with my kid now, and I have a more professional approach to the treatment team so now they are more willing to work WITH me instead of AGAINST me.

You can also contact MyHealios directly through the website.


Hi nxant, i did MyHealios program as well. and it worked well for me. I would recommend to anyone with a relative with schizophrenia or similar disorders. They seem to know what they are doing at MyHealios. happy to share more info if someone wants


MyHealios works only via Skype. We live in a rural area and there is no such help where we are.


That’s great, William! How did the program help you? For me, it improved communication and helped me help my family member stop using street drugs.


I don’t live in a rural area, but liked that I didn’t have to go anywhere to meet with a clinician. I could do it from the comfort of my home.

I also feel my clinician was very knowledgable. She was skilled at helping me to brainstorm solutions to issues specific to us. Groups are good. is good. But having a clinician work
With me one on one is excellent! It’s the best investment I’ve made!


it got me to understand more about the illness and make the distinction between the behaviour related to the illness and normal behavior. For my wife, it helped her rebuild her relationship with her son.


I’m so happy for your wife and her son! Having that relationship is so important.

It’s interesting how learning the right skills can make life better for the whole family, isn’t it. I wish everyone had a chance to do this. It was the piece that was missing for me.

Just a few days ago, I had a chance to use my skills again. My family member didn’t want to take his meds. I was able to talk to him in a way that made him know I was listening and really hearing his concerns. Then I explained my concerns. We were able to work it out and he took his meds.


I am currently enrolled in MyHealios . I am learning communication skills, How to deal with delusions, and what to expect with a son with SZ. I also have done the NAMI Family to Family, that helped also. Everyone has certain needs you just have to find the right fit.


They do have free services for certain circumstances.