Son just moved back in our home...Is there any help out there for parent taking care of son


Hi everyone just wondering if anybody knows of any help besides I.H.S.S. and SSI. I signed up for In home supported services recently but just wanted to know if there is anything out there to help out with family taking care of young adult son?


I have no experience in that area. But it occurs to me - have him to take care of himself as much as possible.


You may find some useful information here:


I cannot tell as from a parents perspective, but I can tell you how my family started to lead me to recovery. Do not fight with your sons delusions, make him continue to learn of his illness, when he finally understands he is ill, then recovery will proceed


SSDI, and Medicare…


My son is with PACT now. I think in the US it’s ACT. Assertive Community Treatment.

Here in Ontario, Canada they have nurses and social workers and can even come daily to administer medications if needed. They can take him to appointments. He is supposed to see them twice a week and sometimes it is just to take him for a coffee. They meet at the YMCA once a week and have group sessions once a week. Still trying to talk my son into those.

I think you can find out if there is one in your area here:


I am having trouble helping my son understand that he is ill. He is sz affective and does not understand how that is impacting his life.


I live at home with my Mom and Dad. I don’t think they understand Schizophrenia so well but they do notice strange behavior and tell me about it later on when I’m not acting so strange. Educate yourself about his illness and apply for as much help as you can. Don’t interfere with his delusions but ask him if he is all right and see if he is responding to your questions. If not, go with him to see the pdoc and tell him about any strange behavior so he can help you treat it. That’s what my parents do with me and it helps out a lot.


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Your son may have anosognosia. - under problems you will see anosognosia
Anosognosia looks like denial but is different.


There are mental health clubs in all cities and a lot of towns. They are places where the patient can go for a coffee and maybe participate in activities such as art, creative writing, health management, amongst other things. Check it out. Ask at your local psych hospital or ask the shrink.

I know there are CPN’s (community psychiatric nurses) who come visit the patient in their home. They are exactly like therapists, they’ll talk with you about problems and they also act as befrienders. I personally see one and find them good.

Also, there are voluntary groups out there who befriend the mentally ill. They basically act as befrienders, having a chat and maybe doing something like go to the park. They are clued in about mental illness and the typical befriendee would have experience of mental illness or else would be pursuing a career in mental health. You can find out about these if you ask the psychiatrist.

Also, I believe there are support groups for people who hear voices. You could ask the shrink about that. Also, I believe there are support groups for families of schizophrenics. You could find out about this if you google it or just ask the psychiatrist.


Thank you everyone !


Hi There,
Having your son moving back is a major event, both for him and yourself. You may be interested in contacting Healios, an online service for caregivers of patients with Schizophrenia and related disorders. You can check it on healios (it is .org and not .com)

It is currently free so you may call us and check out whether we can help you: try 908 731 50 61

The service is active in the UK and making a big difference there with all UK advocacy groups supporting us.
All the best,