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Need confirmation whether it is schizophrenia or not


Another email I received recently - please provide your opinion:


Need confirmation whether it is schizophrenia or not?

Hello, I am writing from India.

I guess my mother has schizophrenia, i just need the confirmation.

She shows all the possible symptoms like hallucinations, delusion, talking to some unknown voice, lack of being social, lack of judgemental abilities, wierd behaviour, little memory loss. She has not been diagonsed for
having schizophrenia because she don’t allow us to do anything and says that she don’t have any mental issue.

I would be thankful if you kindly confirm me.


Only a pdoc can confirm.


It definitely sounds like its schizophrenia - those are all the classic symptoms. If they’ve been going on for at least 6 months then its reasonably likely that it is schizophrenia - but you do need confirmation from a psychiatrist.

Here are the treatment guidelines from the UK / England - if you want to help your mother as much as possible this is the document to read:


Could be early onset Alzheimer’s or a form of Dementia. Does it say how old she is?


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I’m thinking dementia, as well. But I agree that the writer from India should get her to a proper dxer, as well as read that f-ing E. Fuller Torrey book I keep harping about.

@SzAdmin And… thanks for putting an end to that poor guy’s (public) misery a few minutes ago. (Yes; I worked in addiction tx too long. My style is sometimes inappropriate.)


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