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Mother w/ possible schizophrenia

Hello! I would like to know, does this sound like schizophrenia to you?

My mother often laughs everyday, and it isn’t just like that, “oh, funny scene thing.” She laughs at the walls, laughs at murder scenes, laughs at commercials, laughs at fans, laughs at toilets, etc. She’s convinced that my dad is trying to murder her and has tried to get tickets to NV and take me there with her by force. This, luckily, did not work.

For all the years I’ve been alive, she has not had a single friend. She believes artistry, medicine, and many others do not exist. What I mean by this is, “no one does that any more!”

She refuses to get any help, or go to any doctor. She would used to beat me with a stick when I was 8 and when I confront her about it years later she does not know. Maybe just because it had been 2 years later, I do not know.

She has gained weight, stopped caring for her appearance and such. Also, going back to the laughing part, here’s an example of what happened yesterday. She started screaming for 20 seconds, then cussing for 30-40 seconds, then started to giggle for 30 seconds. She doesn’t like to
look at me or talk to me. Last year, she would threaten to kill other family members and told me to die.

Also last year, she would give me disgusted stares when I passed by. Just for the record, I am pre-teen, teenager age. Moving on, when she got taken away by the police, I found that she was sleeping with a knife. I think when I was younger she would also call me worthless and ugly, because
I remember thinking that so often and still now it affects me. Another
thing, she can’t keep a job. Tried to lie to get job, always got in trouble with employers, eventually gave up when I was born. Sometimes it feels comfortable living with her, because she hasn’t tried to kill us yet and is just cussing/giggling. Other times I do not feel safe bec. she’s screaming at the top of her lungs and giving threats all around. Oh, and she would tell me there was cameras all around the house. Also very racist, did not want me to have many friends, never to trust teachers, etc. Sometimes seems nice to me, says how’s your day if she picks me up from the bus stop. Cooks and cleans for me, hasn’t decided to kill me yet, so maybe I’m complaining over something useless on how she treats me. But I do not like the way she treats my father whatsoever, and I do not want to live with her. (Or talk to her for that matter.) What can I do? Any good idea of action? And do you think is schizophrenia?

(Apologizes for the long paragraph.)

Hi Raisa, I can see why you have asked this question. Your mother’s behaviors would cause you some concern. How old is your mom?



Father or other relatives?

as a minor who as responsible for you during this period?

I prefer not to give you a specific age, but she is 45-51 y/o.

I don’t particularly remember why she was taken away, but I think she called the police, they came, then they took her to get a mental evaluation.
My father was responsible during this time.


A range is fine, how old are you? A range is okay here too, but could you make it clear whether you are under or over 18?

Hi Raisa,

Please take good care of yourself. One way you can do that is by taking Omega 3 supplements with fish oil. These might have protective effects on teenage brains, so that mental illness does not develop…

My mom had mental illness too. It was incredibly hard. When I was young, I never talked with anyone, but I am wondering whether there is a school counselor or an adult you trust who you could open up to about this stuff and see if there’s a way to get you some more of the safety and stability in your home life that you deserve to have.

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Hi Raisa.

It was very smart if you to reach out to this forum. Based upon what you’ve explained, it certainly sounds as if something is going wrong with your mother’s brain. It could be a variety of conditions, including schizophrenia. I am a school counselor and I would highly suggest that you speak to your school counselor or a trusted teacher. I am concerned about you since your Mom has been emotionally abusive in the past and has threatened her family. If your father is not able to protect you from this behavior, maybe somebody else will be able to. Please speak to a counselor or teacher soon. I am sure that your Mother loves you, but it’s possible that her brain illness is causing her unkind behavior. Please update us and don’t endure this alone💛


I hope I didn’t worry you by asking your age. The suggestions that the people here will be able to give you will vary based upon your age. Your mom’s age can make a difference because there are other factors that can come into play as people age.

I would like to respectfully suggest a good metal and environmental detox. Your mother may have too many toxins built up in her system that her body isn’t able to process. Or possibly her dental fillings? She may have mercury poisoning from old fillings. It may sound unrealistic, but some folks are more sensitive to these things, and if their bodies are not able to process them out, they can become toxic and make people behave as they normally wouldn’t. Happened to my son. Took me a good 14 years to finally learn about detoxing, and he feels so good now! Has 2 jobs, and I can actually understand what he is saying, whereas before he had the toxins that his body wasn’t able to process out, I couldn’t make heads or tails of what he was trying to tell me. Not to mention his extreme psychotic behavior. He hasn’t had one episode since he detoxed about 5 months ago…thank God…

Aah… I am currently under 18.

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I’m sorry that you are dealing w this at such a young age. Does your dad live with you? You should relay your concerns to him, whether he lives with you or not.
I agree with the poster here about talking to a counselor at school. He or she may have local resources for your mom.
Whether it’s schizophrenia or not–could be bipolar, wary onset Alzheimer’s or any number of things–it’s not your job to figure it out. Keep yourself safe.
It will get better🌹

Yes, my dad does live w/ me.
She is not bipolar, I can tell you that… It isn’t switching emotions, going from this emotion to this all of the sudden.

As of currently, I think my father will divorce with my mother. He is waiting for me to become of specific age so that I will have some influence in court, I think. I apologize if this is not exactly true, I have bad memory…

And when I was younger, I did not talk to anyone and people often labeled me as, “silent.” Now I think it is better, bec. I do talk to people but not about my personal home circumstances. It makes me uncomfortable, and it’s hard to speak verbally about it bec. I honestly do not know how to…

If you do not understand what I mean, what I mean is that it gets hard to speak and makes it feel hard to breathe.

I’d prefer not to talk to a counselor though. I do not know exactly what will happen now, but I think it might get better…

I do understand what you mean. I’m glad you could come to the forum and put words to your concerns, thoughts, and feelings.

I truly hope things get better for you.

Talk to your dad about your feelings. It’s ok to cry in front of him,OR a councilor. Even a session or two with a private therapist. You have nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. I just don’t want you to keep it all bottled up inside or for you to go silent again.
Your dad is probably is waiting to divorce until you go off to college. That’s often how it works!


While some sufferers and their families have reported a “lightening” of their illness as they aged. Some people with scz have the sort that just continues to worsen.

I don’t remember if it was here on this board or somewhere else where the phrase “collateral damage” was used to refer to the family members of people with scz. While I struggle as a parent, the children of people with scz, I believe, are paying a much larger price for our world’s inability to deal with this illness.

I know you said she has told you to die. Has she threatened to kill you? Is there a place in your home where you feel safe? If your bedroom door doesn’t have a sturdy lock, would your dad install one for you if you asked?

It sounds as though you are beginning to understand that you have to reject the things your mom says to you that are mean spirited. Those words don’t define you, there is no truth in those words.

Could you live with your grandparents? Is that a possiblity?


I apologize very much, I did not describe the death part well enough…
What I meant to say is that she told me if that she dies and my father dies to go to a morgue and ask them to kill me.

What she has told her parents is that they’re too old and to go to a morgue and ask them to kill them.

She says to my father that he is dying because of the water he drank in the area he was born in and caused a torn vein in his heart and to go to a hospital and never come back again. This is not true.

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Thank you…

Could you give me a idea of what those conditions could be based on what you already know?