Some people feel badly at the onset of schizophrenia and drink to mask how awful they feel. By the time some realize they are unwell they have become physiologically addicted.


@stoic818 I’m so sorry to hear what you’re going through. I’m sorry it’s such a difficult time. This is a great forum, so I’m glad you’re here.

My sz son listens to music all the time. I think it helps drown out the voices. That’s the least of our worries, I think. Does your brother have a laptop computer? That might be something good for him to focus on.

PLEASE watch this video - it’s about making peace with his voices. It’s inspiring! TED Talk: Eleanor Longden shares her journey of effectively dealing with the voices in her head:

Add acidophilus (plentiful in yogurt, even better to get strong probiotics at a health food or vitamin store) into the family diet!! Problems with the gut can affect brain activity and contribute to the development of mood disorders.

Keep grapefruit out of his diet!!! It can increase the risk of side effects or alter the intended effect the medicine. :((

New Harvard University info: cannabis does not initially cause schizophrenia (but the THC in “common” cannabis can bring sz on earlier in life, and it does make psychosis worse). DO NOT encourage street pot of any sort.

Clinical study: Cannabidiol (CBD) helps reduce psychosis and doesn’t interfere with psych meds. (DO NOT confuse “medical marijuana” with HIGH-CBD cannabis products. Any marijuana with the usual amount of THC is horrible for bipolar/schizophrenia.)

CBDs help reduce anxiety, inflammation and is a brain protectant. You can purchase a smokable or oil version of the strain, ACDC. This is SPECIFICALLY HIGH-CBD and has a ratio of 20:1 CBD-to-THC. It is calming and it helps my son have something else to add for his own health. NEVER reduce or stop the psych medications without the doctor’s guidance.

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil is easy to add in because it’s a LEGAL dietary supplement shipped to 48 states with no doctor recommendation needed. It is a powerful seizure remedy and (from my experience) helpful mood stabilizer. The ratio is 30:1 CBD-to-THC.

I agree. Sometimes you have to REALLY be polite but insistent with doctors.

TED Talk: Electroshock therapy made the difference

Please know I’m with the others hoping for your brother to improve. Sorry for the long post but there’s a TON of info and I think we have very little to lose by exploring more solutions. The nutritional and diet stuff TAKES TIME. It’s not like a 15-minute-aspirin-fix, but the CBDs do work pretty fast. After 3 weeks of Charlotte’s Web my son showed terrific improvements. It’s legal. What do we have to lose? :sunny:


Gads, folks. Sorry about the huge video images! I’ll try to fix that next time. :sunny:


Some interesting news on the topic of CBD for schizophrenia - check this out:


Hi I can understand what you are going thur in away My brother is 46 and he has Schizoaffective Disorder and high blood pressure as well as diabetes 2. Our mother has lung cancer and we don’t know how much longer she will be here. My oldest daughter was killed in Chattanooga Tenn, On 09/28/2015. On I-24 She hit an sim, Anyway when my mom past away I will be getting guardianship of my brother. And I already having problems with him. So I am looking for anyone who could help me,