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Need Help / Suggestions on Violent Family Member - Egypt

From email:

My brother has. Schizophrenia 15 years ago and he is 34 years old. He stopped taking his medicine ( risperdal ) for about 6 days which make him dangerous on his parents also on himself. So his father forced him to go to hospital. The question is : when my brother return home will he become dangerous on my father. ?

And if he stopped taking medicines again is there any other way to make him take his medicine again without forcing him go in hospital? Finaly is there any new medicine may appear for schizophrenia?
Im from alexandria - egypt. Thanks.

Hi and welcome to the forums.

Generally the hospital is a good place for people when they are off medications and violent - so its good that your father got him there.

Is the hospital putting him back on medications? Which medication?

There are a number of long-acting injectible medications that the person only needs to take / get once every 3 months or more, and that is generally a good option if your brother is dangerous and stops his medication. Is that available in Egypt?

I recommend you read the past discussions on injectables here:

If he stops taking medications I’m not sure what options you have for helping get your brother back on medications - the healthcare systems are different in every country. In the USA and Canada - which I am familiar with - we have mental health courts and doctors can require that the person get court-ordered treatment, but that may not be an option in Egypt.

There are many new medications being developed for schizophrenia. And many options currently on the market - here, below, is more information:

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Also - I recommend you review our News Section to see new treatment options. The best treatment approach is a combination of therapy (CBT for Psychosis ), brain training, medications and good exercise and nutrition.