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Brother Has Schizophrenia - Dangerous - What Can I do?


Received this by email today - comments please:


Hi. I have a brother who is sick. He has schizophrenia. He walk a lot.And he doesn’t want to shower. For 3 months we kept him in the hospital and the medication he kept taking it.

But unfortunately no change. Now at home he is making a gun using a paper. As his sister i feel so scared.can you please help me?

I don’t want him to hurt himself or anybody.Pleas help pleasee?


Tell the police he’s making death threats, and they’ll take it from there.


Can you speak to mental health nurse about it



We cover some of this in our “Frequently Asked Questions and Answers” section here:

The first step is to make your house as safe as possible - remove all objects that he could use to hurt himself or others (as much as possible) - sharp knives, guns, long ropes, poisons, etc.

also read this:

make sure that the doctors/ hospitals know that your brother is a danger to himself and others - communicate it via writing and copy everyone of significance in the medical profession that is involved with his care so that they work harder to get him good treatment.


I think thats not a helpful suggestion at this point - police frequently over-react and shoot the mentally ill. Work with the medical profession first and try to get them to give appropriate / good treatment.


OK. Sorry, European here.


You’re lucky - in the US, there are a lot of guns and people (including Police) seem to like to use them.


If the emailer doesn’t know where to turn to, can they go back to the hospital where their family member was? And they could guide them. They would be familiar with the hospital from visiting their family member and the hospital would be familiar with the case.


How heartbreaking for you. What a good sister you are asking for help and being concerned (which you should be!). You might try taking him to the ER and having him evaluated and then maybe they can admit him. I had to do that with my son. The first time he became aggressive i called the police and fortunately they were very understand and calm. Not threatening at all. I cant promise that would be the case for you esp if they hear “gun” involved even if its paper. In an emergency myself I will take my son to the ER. With someone else in the car with me. Good luck, big hug. :heartbeat:


or try calling the doctor who attends him, and let him know the situation.
The medication hes on doesnt sound like it`s working!


Do remind him of Torrey’s book, of course.


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I have three airsoft guns, one is a full scale Heckler & Koch MP7A1 replica and it looks and operates like the real thing (is even the same weight) but shoots tiny plastic BBs


Does he have anybody to talk to? Have you spoken with your NAMI organization? They usually have office hours that are staffed by people who can help you with some necessary steps. Where do you live?