Reading others minds

He’s always saying he has to learn to do this as other people can.
Almost every day he talks about he needs his "eyes opened"
He says he has had a few telepathic messages. He doesn’t disclose much of this part of his thoughts but oh we bear the brunt of his moods.

It’s easier than this time last year, have to keep console myself with that one.

I can hear him downstairs with his dad now, … he says an 11 yr old kid should never had his soul take away (he’s 25)
We should have said no and not let them take his soul.
The drs know nothing about mental illness, he’s unhappy but not ill.
It’s because of his religion, he’s a target.

He’s home mostly 24-7 he only goes out to the shop or very occasionally a soccer match. Sorry I know you all are in the same situation. X

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Dumb question, but did you ask him how they took his soul?
Or what he felt like before it was gone & now?

I remember your story because my son is sure he is psychic, and can read minds, and can make people faint over the telephone, and he gives me a list of other people who can do it to.
The latest one was Jesus - no, we are not religious.

At least he’s convinced I can’t do any of that, although he doesn’t understand why I can’t, and sometimes will ask if I remember doing it once, just for a second, because he remembers that.

Do you know if your son hears voices? Because my son has some new symptoms now, and I’m beginning to think this is part of hearing voices now.

So far, my son hears people say things they don’t say - that’s been going on a long time & he’s 100% sure they are really saying it.

A few months ago, he said people were talking to him through the TV. Last night, he said the TV was talking to him. For now, turning the TV off, keeping other people away from him & keeping the house quiet stops everything as far as I know.

My son does not lie about his symptoms. Sometimes, he won’t tell - but he doesn’t lie about them. However, at times, I don’t think he knows exactly what is going on so that would prevent him from communicating effectively about it.

Just my current thoughts - maybe I’ll think something else next week.

So far, the TV is much nicer to my son than what he “hears” other people say. Right now, I’ll take what I can get.

Hi slw, I don’t think he hears voices, through occasionally he has said some has said something that I know they haven’t. He has said tonight that’s in the past he received telepathic messages a few times. One time last year bef medication he went out of our house urgently at 1am despite me pleading for him not to. He rece said it was because he heard our dr say "he was coming to get him"
I suspect it’s only a few times that he has heard this though,

He claims he was psychically bullied a few yrs ago by someone always coughing to annoy him. We couldn’t even cough at home without him bed very irritated or mimicking us or anyone else outside doing it, even his 74 yr old grandad right down to his 13 yr old cousin apparently doing it deliberately to annoy him.

I have asked about how he even knows his soul was taken, I’ve said I would know if my phone was taken, my keys, my purse etc but not my “soul” he says it’s when he was happy and fun and his personality was taken and he was protected till he could read minds. Confused? Yeah me too.

He has used some strong words too like Satan, satanists referring to drs and mental health teams etc.

How do you cope? What do you do for you?

I know how you feel, he thinks he’s a psychic and that he can feel what other people are thinking at the moment. He also still thinks I work for the government and have a chip in my brain because I predict everything in a precise and accurate manner that he’s going to do or other things. He also used to believe he was God and continues to believe that he’s cured cancer. I know what you mean by psychically bullied too, my fiancé believes that he was voodoo tortured by some guy for 9 months and that he has a voodoo curse placed on it.

Wow that’s amazing, so many similarities, sometimes I feel strong, other times I feel I live in a parallel world. Until someone lives it, they can’t know how this feels from our point of view can they.

Yeah, it’s a very difficult situation.

I understand about the coughing. My son can be very sensitive to sounds, and he was sure his dad, who is a little loud, was doing everything on purpose to get on his nerves.

What do I do for me?

I pretty much lose myself in my work. I design & code custom software applications for a large corporation full-time and work freelance for a very small UK company - mostly writing work, but I do a little bit of everything I can do remotely.

That’s good, you seem to have a pretty important job there.
I used to cough with a pillow at my mouth to drown out sounds so he didn’t think I was do it deliberately. Also I would sometimes say, I have a cold so just so,you know I may cough.

I did the best I could with the noises, but I remind him that we all live here and we can’t be completely silent.

Luckily, our dogs are mostly quiet inside.

I can do that now as he is medicated but before that he got so frustrated, blamed us a lot for “not teaching him about life”. " letting us be controlled by drs etc" we were his only outlet but he’s calmer now and the coughing thing has gone, even before meds he “got over” that one.

I’ve heard some of that before. Mostly that I do everything for him so he can’t learn to take care of himself - that I’ve made him disabled.

He does have a point, and I’ve started to work on him with things when he’s stable. Hopefully, he’ll get back to the point we can do that again soon.

Not only can my gf read minds. She can implant thoughts and remove them as well. She has access to the Big Computer that we are all recorded on and she can erase or edit as she says.
I too have a chip that the government put in me. She says her memories are all mini movies that she can see and call for at anytime.
About the noises. OMG I was eating an apple and she said the sounds were like fingers scratching blackboard. The other time eating dinner she said i was chomping on my food like the zombies do.
I find having music always playing in background she’s less sensitive to the noises.

I had never heard of the illuminati, my son started mentioning them and the Maisons, never said too much about them but also started researching shamans and soul retrieval.

All these themes are so similar aren’t they.

It is amazing we are spread out all over the world yet our loved ones have many common similarities.

Truly is NikkiSam and in a bizarre way to me it’s "comforting "