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New Book & Short Movie Examine Mental Illnesses From A Lived Experience and Doctor’s Perspective



Here’s a free 14-minute film that examines our failure to help individuals with serious mental illnesses and a sample from a new e-book by an investigative journalist with lived experience.


My Dad looked into Pete Earley and his book. My Dad puzzled that the Father would go that far for the Son.



Awesome film. Totally right on the mark.

I’m here on this site to better know what a person with sz thinks, how they feel, and to learn ways to be a better parent/communicator.

I know I can’t compel my son to take his meds and stop smoking street THC pot. I can perhaps use words to “brand and position” the bad results of THC marijuana. Ultimately HE has to want to do his OWN self-care.

Maybe he will get to the stage where he figures out that the THC makes him psychotic. Just yesterday he let me finish my sentence, “THC was discovered by chemists - just like nicotine in cigarettes. It’s not phony to point out that THC is different from the CBDs (cannabidiol) in Charlotte’s Web, which helps you be LESS psychotic.”

I think I have to keep it simple. All the research I’ve done over the past year is a lot to take in. :confused:

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A good news clinical study: Cannabidiol (CBD) reduces psychosis.

CBD has the ability to reduce psychosis, anxiety, and thought-impairment from the THC in marijuana. High CBD cannabis helps with fewer delusions and hallucinations.

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil (made from cannabis) is LEGAL (and it’s shipped LEGALLY to 48 states!).

Let’s hope ALL the science keeps making progress so we all feel better! :sunny: