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CBD oil for psychosis?

Hey guys so I think I got ill from smoking LOTS of marijuana back in my 20s. I used to love the heavy THC brain high.

Fast forward, I ended up having an episode of psychosis. Mostly bad auditory hallucinations.

My psychiatrist has me down as schizophrenic. I also suffer from GAD. I suffered from anxiety a good 10 years before my psychotic episode. I have read many good things about CBD oils for psychosis and especially my anxiety disorder but when I asked my psychiatrist about a year ago , she said it might not be for me.

What do you guys think? Maybe one super low on THC or no THC at all?!

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Etiene,

This forum is for parents and caregivers. I suggest that you instead post to the Diagnosed forum over here:

Marijuana / cannabis is a known factor in increasing risk of psychosis / schizophrenia - here is a recent summary of the research:

You want to avoid all THC products - its bad news, from what I’ve read.

CBD oil without THC might be helpful - I think the research is continuing