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New depot change


Strange that, last night he said “mum I will be dead before you” “I will be killed this year”. Sometimes I think with my son he sees the world we live in today with ll the atrocities happening and these contribute to his fear/delusions.


Thanks for sharing this information. I believe the Invega Sustenna (234mg monthly injection) is no longer working for my son. He discontinued this medication in June 2015 and after two hospitalizations, he was back on it in February 2016. He responded well 2014-2015; he was able to return to work and was more sociable. Now with the monthly injection and a mood stabilizer (Trileptal) his moods are unpredictable and his improvement has been very slow. I also noticed he becomes more paranoid and resistant to medication when he smokes marijuana. I am requesting his doctor change his medications because I am afraid things can escalate quickly; he has already been hospitalized twice for medication change and they continue to keep him on Invega Sustenna because he is usually medication non-compliant.