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Hello, has anyone had any relatives having this in depot form?
My son has been on paliperidone for a year, we had a review on monday, where we had a real good chat, him , us his nurse and the psychiatrist.
The doctor suggested now trying this new med, to begin with he has to have it two weekly then afterwards possibly monthly. I think it’s called clopixol too.
I think the dr expected better results than the paliperidone has done.
He still hasnt got much insight but he spoke more honestly to the dr about hearing others thoughts, and mind reading and how he couldnt read minds but others could, and how he was afraid he maybe trafficked or extradited (from his own country) etc.

He is now saying again at home he wants off the meds, and off the CTO etc, I feel its such a battle to keep him on it.
He currently is pacing up and down the front garden, its a nice evening so suppose he is getting some fresh air.
He wont allow blood tests etc so can’t be prescribed clozapine.
Thanks for listening.


My son was prescribed depixol depot. I’m not sure if it’s a similar drug but sounds like it could be.
He suffered seizures on this med & had to come off it. He was then given oral olanzapine & did reasonably well on this.
In my experience the side effects from depot are worse than oral meds but that’s just my observation with my son. I realise it’s best option for some.
Hope your son is doing much better. It’s a cruel illness.

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I’m sorry your son had these side effects, glad though he is more stable on olanzapine. My son is on a community treatment order, therefore has to have the depot, perhaps in time he will develop insight and be able to have oral meds.