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New movie on Schizophrenia - Words on Bathroom Walls - Anyone Seen it?

Has anyone seen this - do you recommend it? The trailer looks reasonably good and accurate… but I have not seen the movie.

Reviews are mixed but generally positive from what I can see:

More info:

Yes. @oldladyblue and I saw it (separately) See this thread:

I would recommend it. I don’t think it is totally accurate, but how could any movie be totally accurate since everyone’s experience with schizophrenia is different. I think that because the portrayal is of a person with pretty high insight those who watch it who haven’t had experience with sz in their family might not realize how bad it can be. My daughter did not have any insight at all, so a movie about her life would be totally different. However, she did enjoy the movie.


Looks like a chick flick. Kissing on front cover. :crazy_face: Just kidding, haven’t seen it but always open to good content. We’ll check it out.

But I’d prefer a movie with Matt Damon as a Navy Seal Team leader that just got a diagnosis of SZ but battles through his psychosis, listens to his amazing therapist, stays compliant with his meds, hugs his mom and dad, and saves the world from danger. I’ll go ahead and give that movie 2 thumbs up :+1:!

I think Homeland is the closest you’ll find to that. Bipolar/Borderline Personality Disorder instead of SZ, but close enough for government secret agent work…

On the Paranoia SZ-ish side, Conspiracy Theory isn’t a bad action adventure if you can reconcile Mel Gibson’s off-screen behavior.

On the comedic side, I’m partial to Lily Tomlin’s The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe. Her bag-lady character Trudy is the glue that holds the one woman show / movie together. I’m not entirely impartial, since I was involved with a production of the stage version. But it does a good job of showing the humanity and flashes of askew ‘genius’ in people with SZ. You laugh with Trudy, not at her.

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Iam watching this much is true with Mark Raffalo - he plays both twin brothers - check it out

I had difficulty getting through the first episode and shut it off. I won’t say it was triggering, but I have issues with too strongly associating violence of any kind with SZ especially as an introduction or ‘hook’ into the story. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen in some cases, but I’m fed up with violence being the ‘lead’ to introduce viewers to the subject.

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Yes I agree with you - it was very violent and nothing similar to my love one - wouldn’t recommend it.

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