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HBO Now releasing movie “This much is true”

I am not sure how accurate this movie will be with regard to schizophrenia, however HBO Now is releasing a movie titled “I know this much is true” in May 2020. It’s about twin brothers and one of this is paranoid schizophrenic. It looks as if the movie will show the families side of this illness and how we are often struggling to get help and support from the medical community and how we suffer as well. My hope is that this movie will help create social awareness that our loved ones are not to blame for this mental illness and neither are the people that love and support them. I would love to see more accurate depictions from Hollywood on this topic to bring awareness and support to our loved ones suffering from this illness and bring more acceptance and support into our culture.


Thanks, I may check it out. For those who are streaming their way through Covid-19, there is a deal going on until May 27 to promote HBO Max which is the replacement for HBO Now where you get the service for $11.99 a month for a year (you can quit anytime) which is a $3 a month savings.

I too am interested in better representations of SZ. I think things are a little worse now, paradoxically because of too much perceived “realism”. While comedies of the sixties, seventies and eighties sometimes trivialized SMI, at least they made sufferers seem fairly harmless, yet confused and lacking agency. I’d much prefer this to present day depictions which are often bleak and violent. Reality is somewhere in between. There’s better focus on other SMI in media nowadays, but mostly on anything but SZ.


I always thought that the tv show that had a major character with Downs Syndrome (Life Goes On?) did a great deal to make the general public more comfortable with people who had Downs Syndrome.

Bipolar seemed to gain acceptance when celebrities with bipolar became more open. One of the older moms at my Family to Family class suggested we all tell people our family members with scz had bipolar, she did it and found people were much more positive toward her son.

We need a lovable character with schizophrenia. “Thomas Birdsey”, the twin with scz, has a touching story and is a highly likable character.

Here’s hoping they show the real person side of Thomas in balance with his scz struggles and his family’s struggles.

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OK, I watched this last night, and am less than impressed. Aside from the hand incident, to me, Tom presented much more as developmentally delayed/autistic than schizophrenic. Admittedly, I only have first hand experience with a few sz people, but have read widely of others experience. I realize it was episode 1, but the setup didn’t really intrigue. I doubt I will continue watching this mini series, although I will definitely read the book.

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Scz can present so differently can’t it? On this forum several people initially challenged whether or not my son actually had scz since he can be pretty functional.

Every psychiatrist who has seen him hasn’t hesitated with their diagnosis. :wink:

I hope the series gets better, thanks for letting us know.

Oh I am aware of how ‘normal’ a sz person can present, at least for short periods of time. My daughter comes across as quiet and shy, and much less obviously ‘different’ than the show’s character. She has no trouble getting hired, but jobs never last once the serious negative affect symptoms become a problem. She can’t fool Doctors who always want to keep her hospitalized, but her ability to put on a good show gets her out on legal review.

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Thank you, for sharing this. I will definitely look for the movie. I think we need so much more awareness, we/ at least me, not getting enough help for my son or myself. My son has been hospitalized 4 times, he is not medication compliance. But I feel if I give up i will loose my son. I won’t give up, but who is going to listen,? If the patient don’t want to take medications the doctors can’t force them. But if they don’t take medications, is a disaster. So it would be so nice if the patients and loved ones were heard.

Thank you! I watched the first episode and it was good. I was touched by the love his brother has for him. My son at times has been non complaint with medications but he is starting to realize he needs it! He is on Vyrlar right now and is having a good response to it. We felt his thinking was much clear on Geodon but he did not like it. My son is 22 and to say this illness has been hard would be an understatement. I’m here for you anytime you need to just share and talk awhile.


I saw the trailer and it looks good ! I have always liked Mark Ruffalo .