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Looking for 1996 movie "I'm Still Here"

I want to watch this documentary made in 1996 about schizophrenia and cannot find any place to watch it nor to buy it used. The originating company has it but it is $35.
Has anyone seen it? If it’s really good and would be useful for my son who has schizophrenia it might be worth buying it new. Thank you.

Fred Freese was a great guy - developed schizophrenia but got treatment and still went on to become a psychologist and do lots of good things. But - Its an older film and hard to find outside of the main distributors. Perhaps try Ebay?

I found part of it on youtube. I'm Still Here Part I.mpg - YouTube

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Thank you so much
I had found only the 2 min trailer so this was helpful. Was enough for me to know I don’t want to buy it for my son. Thanks again!

@mmom5587 - there is a lot of other helpful information on YouTube which may help your son.
This young woman has her own YouTube channel and provides a lot of info about living well with schizophrenia.
Also Professor Elyn Saks is an amazing woman. I read her memoir recently and my son with SZ expressed interest in reading it also.
All the best :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much. This looks like a great video series. Perfect for my son.