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New National Org to Support Family Members!

Introducing Treatment Before Tragedy

For the past year and a half, an inspiring and courageous group of family members and community leaders has worked to create a new national organization, Treatment Before Tragedy, or Tb4T.

Treatment Before Tragedy was founded to advocate for better treatment, services, research and a cure for those with serious brain disease, known commonly as mental illness, and their families.

Treatment Before Tragedy members live with the consequences and impacts of untreated mental illnesses every day, and understand mental illness to be a brain disease requiring significantly more medical research. We believe that serious mental illness should receive medical treatment as a physical, medical illness of the brain, not a behavioral disorder.

Treatment Before Tragedy’s members strongly advocate for significant changes in our nation’s approach to the care and treatment of those with serious brain diseases. We support H.R. 3717, the “Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act,” which seeks to improve the nation’s broken mental health system by refocusing programs and resources on medical care for patients and families most in need of services.

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**YES!!**************I`m in!

Thank you, Bridgecomet! Did you sign up with us on our website? Please do. This week our focus is to let Congress know that families matter by pushing for HR3717, the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act. You can help by clicking here, scrolling down and contacting your representatives via PopVOX. It’s easy and based on your address, the app contacts all your reps with one click!


I am in as well! I have joined Treatment before Tragedy. My God, what a needed resource. I am looking for any assistance in dealing with an elderly schizophrenic, who, the family has discovered, has gone off of her medication. I have been “fighting the system” trying to get her properly re evaluated, so she doesn’t die in a psychotic state, estranged from her own family who really loves her, as strangers tend to support Mom’s persecution delusions that her own family is trying to take her money and just send her away some where. In reality, it is the broken mental health care and social service systems that promote the idea that an elderly schizophrenic has a “right” to die alone, off of her anti psychotics, and in medical neglect, even though, in her “right mind” she would never choose to do this. Does anyone have any input, advise for me? Please don’t advise me to stop caring, because I never will.