New Novel on Schizophrenia - The Genetic Lottery

“The Genetic Lottery: A Novel Look at Schizophrenia” Hailed ‘Life-Saving’; Examining How the Impact of Mental Illness Tears Through Families

Written from the heart by Terri Morgan, “The Genetic Lottery: A novel look at schizophrenia” uses a compelling fictional-memoir style to depict the life of a resilient young woman who grew up with two parents who are living with schizophrenia. Struggling to come to terms with her chaotic childhood and the toll it has taken, she eventually finds solace and the courage to start a family of her own despite her fear that she may pass on the genes for the devastating mental disorder. While a work of fiction, the novel is frighteningly true-to-life and is succeeding in its bold duty to depict how schizophrenia impacts mental health consumers and the people who love them.

Soquel, CA – (SBWIRE) – 07/10/2014 – The National Institute of Mental Health reports that one in every hundred U.S. adults is afflicted with schizophrenia,. While millions of people struggle with the complex disorder many fail to seek medical help due to the associated stigma. A powerful and very-realistic novel by author Terri Morgan seeks to crush schizophrenia’s ignominy through a vivid and heartfelt narrative that presents the reality of the disorder.

‘The Genetic Lottery: A novel look at schizophrenia’ is presented as a memoir from a unique perspective; a woman who grew up with two parents who are living with schizophrenia, and struggles to escape the disorder’s rippling wake.

As a child she was confused and embarrassed by her parents’ behavior. As an adult, she fears she may inherit their devastating mental disorders. This gripping novel follows her life as she struggles to cope with her chaotic childhood, come to terms with mental illness and the toll it has had on her family, and discovers ways to thrive and start a family of her own.

Poignant, serious, and at times full of wit and humor, the novel shines a light on mental illness, and dispels many of the myths about schizophrenia—a disease that affects one out of every 100 people worldwide.

Meticulously researched, this novel accurately depicts how schizophrenia impacts mental health consumers and the people who love them. Written by a long time journalist, this engaging novel will have you rooting for this strong and brave young woman from the first page.

“My goal is to dispel many false notions and stereotypes surrounding the disease,” said Morgan. “Schizophrenia is mostly misunderstood and there are not too many resources out there to educate the public in a way that resonates with them.”

The book has been praised as realistic and the first edition, originally titled “Playing the Genetic Lottery” was was received by mental health professionals and the public.

“This book saved my life when my youngest was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia less than a year after I read it,” commented Dawn M. “I wasn’t scared, I knew what questions to ask, and I knew what to stay away from. It is one of the most important books I have ever read, even though it’s fiction.”

Carol Kozlovich, President of NAMI Hawaii notes, “I recommended it to my Board and to others who have an interest in gaining insight into the life of a child living with schizophrenic parents. At the very least it is a riveting read and at best it exposes the reader to shocking truths and the silent suffering of so many.”

Psychologist Joseph Maldonado praises the awareness-raising side of Morgan’s work; "Playing the Genetic Lottery offers a glimpse into a part of the world that is all too often ignored.”
The recently released new edition includes resources for learning more about schizophrenia and how to seek help.

‘The Genetic Lottery: A novel look at schizophrenia’ is available now through:

About the author, in her own words
Writing about schizophrenia kept me sane during one of the most difficult periods of my life; caring for my husband Gary, who the book is dedicated to, during his terminal illness. I needed a writing project to combat the stress and I found one when a friend told me she has met a woman who had grown up with two parents that had been diagnosed as schizophrenic… The notion fascinated me, and I researched and wrote when Gary was resting, and served as his nurse when he was awake. Now that I’m a widow, I’ve resumed my career as a freelance journalist. When I’m not working, I can usually be found outside photographing wildlife, playing with my dog Buster, or at the beach surfing, paddling on my stand up board, fossil hunting or just enjoying the shoreline along the Monterey Bay in Central California. I’ve learned that life is short, and it’s important to enjoy it and make the most out of every day. My life hasn’t been all play and no work. Since 1980, when I began writing professionally, my articles have appeared in hundreds of newspapers and magazines. I’m also the author of four non-fiction books and the co-author, with photographer Shmuel Thaler, of four other non-fiction books.

I’m sorry to hear that so many people are affected. I thought the number was much lower.

This is going to be a hard read for me. I would love to give this book to my 2 daughters…

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