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New to site...Grandson has dual diagnosis


Our grandson is 23 yrs old and has a dual diagnosis of schizophrenia and drug seeking tendencies. He doesn’t get along with his mother. We tried to help him years ago during high school…but it just didn’t work out. He ended up back at his mother’s. She tried to get him help but once he gets feeling better on his meds he self sabotages. He has a theft conviction and was just arraigned on possession of meth. He is back with us because he has been homeless for the past year and now with the cold weather he has pre-frostbite conditions on his feet and fingers. I’m trying not to enable him but I just can’t put him back on the streets at this point. He needs to be in inpatient care for mental health and drugs…but it’s hard to get him in with all the wait lists and because he doesn’t present in front of authority figures. Having a hard time dealing with this.


Get him a therapist so that he has someone to talk to, preferably one that comes to your home. A social
worker or TCM (targeted case management/manager) would be great to help him get back on his feet and maybe get him into a rehab program or support group for those who have decided to quit. If he’s too bad, you can always take him to impatient or call the police to take him if he refuses. You might want to get adult custody of him and go to court to have him placed in a mental health facility for months if it’s too much stress for you and it gets to the point where nothing else works.


It’s hard when you want to help, but you feel like your hands are tied.

I think everyone here wishes they had more control over the situation.


I’m sorry that you have to see your precious grandchild I this situation but it is wonderful what you are doing by letting him stay in your home. As long as he is not threatening you or a danger to yourself or others, it is great he is off the streets. You probably know if you are enabling him and I would agree that this doesn’t help him in the long run. If the situation changes, don’t hesitate to call a CIT officer to come and take him to the hospital.

As you know many of our children have drug problems. Even marijuana keeps the medicine from working like it can.

We are also at a stage where we need to get a case worker and have them come to him. Great advice doctor.

I’m glad you found this forum. Keep us posted and take care.