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New Yorker - Is Marijuana as Safe as We Think


Not sure!! but I have met few people who smoke Marijuana daily and they claim that they are highly functional with good positions…
I have read that heavy use of Maijuana can cause mental illness with young Adult between the ages of 18 through 23 but this be questionable!!

At what age though? Aging effects brain function too. I know of a daily user is his early 40s who is functioning well comparatively to his peers; the one in late 50s, not so well comparatively. Anecdotal, yes, but makes me wonder.

The article seems to say that there is no conclusive evidence on how marijuana can affect people in either positive or negative ways. I would use caution here… marijuana can affect thinking just like alcohol can… I do know very functional alcoholics. In some material I read it says that people with sz is better off avoiding alcohol as it could potentially make symptoms worse, so I would think it would be the same with marijuana. I am not saying that marijuana couldn’t benefit some people. I just think though that the legalization for recreational use could be a Pandora’s Box and open up a whole bunch of other problems.

I agree with you. What often seems to missing from discourse is both are drugs. The properties of which have an effect on the body. And our experience scz and alcohol and or marijuana just do not mix well. But what I find really sad is the justification of “I can function”. Sure many can, but are you at your best? And if not, why is it ok to function at a lower capacity and call it good?

I agree and think it makes our son’s symptoms much worse but he is 18 and brain still developing. She might be a factor and each person’s reaction biologically. Wish it would be true. My son would be open to it but he would want thc not just cbd.