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Marijuana oil use

Does anyone find that their family member is harmed or helped by the products including thc?
I know the scientific studies link it to an earlier onset of schizophrenia and in general there is not much science to support its clinical use

Still. Does anyone have experience with their family member and it’s use ?

Thanks much


I have read up on this in the partner forum for those diagnosed with Sz and SzA. They have several threads discussing the effects of marijuana on them from a first hand perspective.
The universal consensus seems to be:
It seems like it would help, but it won’t.
It seems like thc makes sense to try, but it only exacerbates symptoms and does so consistently.
CBD oil / vapor is up in the air among the DX’d community.

The calming effect is fleeting, then followed by more severe symptoms like paranoia, agitation and inability to sit still when they want to.
It also seems to illicit a psychological addiction that is difficult to break, possibly from the routine aquiring and using requires.

I’d recommend avoiding marijuana and derivatives completely. Having seen for myself the effect that it has on my DX’d brother, it’s flat-out harmful.

I agree. It is a false answer to a complex medical issue

Thanks for your thoughts !


Things are not good. He is actively hallucinating the police are coming to take him to prison. I have been trying to get him in the house and have a rest from the 90 degree day outside. At least he is in shaded area.

I destroyed the rest of the pot with his permission because I think it triggered this relapse.

I am off today but don’t think I can go to work tomorrow which is not so great for my job.

Maybe I can pay a friend of his to sit with him.

One day at a time. God help us all in these awful times.

I think you did a good thing by getting rid of it, Terry. I wish my son would agree with that move. Part of taking care of ourselves is staying employed when we rely on that income to survive. Without it, everyone is screwed.

It’s obvious how much you love him. Keep us posted…

Thank you for your kind words. It is a helpless feeling because he is convinced the police are around the house. I reassure him that no one is here. We have this 50 yo Mormon friend and they share a similar skill as glass blowers. This guy is kind and straight.

He is going to come over in a couple of hours.

I just want my son to do the best he can and I can handle the rest.

It is a tough road to hoe but the kindness and understanding of others is a balm

I called his psychiatrist and left 2 voicemails.

Reaching mental health is always difficult it seems. There just are not enough psychiatrists in the world.

As long as he is alive there is hope.

God bless.


Love it when these types cross paths with our loved ones. I’m always sure to tell them how impactful they are no matter where I am (grocery stores, parks,). Who doesn’t like knowing they’ve made a positive impact in someone’s life? Good luck!

Agree. It is wonderful when we can see we were helpful to another and they express their gratitude.

I am in the helping profession and get that on occasion.